Life Leadership with DoctorZed

Dr. Scott Zarcinas is a medical doctor, author of 8 books, and transformologist. He helps pro-active people lift the mind fog to get clarity of the path ahead and build the confidence to live the life you want, the way… Continue Reading >

Does my baby need to see a doctor?

So, your beautiful new baby is sick and you’re not sure if you should see the doctor or not? Afterall you’re still getting to know her but being that she is so small and precious… The bottom line is that… Continue Reading >

Caring For Your Baby’s Bottom – preventing and curing nappy rash.

If your baby’s bum isn’t as smooth as it should be according to the old age (‘smooth as a baby’s bum’), but red and inflamed instead, your little one will no doubt cry and be miserable, especially as urine scalds… Continue Reading >

Your peace of mind matters too.

Tonight I took my Son to the hospital with a very high temperature. As he was burning hot, the first thing I did was strip him and administered Panadol as per directions. As a single Mum it was terrifying, I… Continue Reading >

Our Little Hospital Trip

So recently, we had a major scare. My two lovely daughters were playing together which is usually great that they are playing pleasantly. However, this time not so good. My oldest pushed the youngest off the couch so she fell… Continue Reading >