Article to be attributed to Kate Kendall, Soulara Ambassador and Co-Founder of Flow Athletic


When most of your time is spent feeding, wiping faces and other places, it’s sometimes easy to forget about your own health. Parents know that focusing on yourself falls lower and lower down the priority list when kids come into your life. Whilst you may not have time to hit the gym every day or whip up healthy 3-course meals every night, it’s essential (for you and your children’s overall wellbeing) that you’re feeling good and kicking small goals.

It could be time to roll out the mat, if you haven’t already, because not only is yoga an effective (and simple) way to get your body moving, it actually comes with an endless list of benefits for your mind, body and soul – and it only requires you be present for as little as 10 minutes a day.

If you’re interested in adding more movement to your life, and taking away a little stress, then read on for my favourite benefits of yoga for the busy mum!

Supports your insides and out

One of the best parts of yoga is that while it’s great for stretching and lengthening your body, it is also known to work wonders for aiding digestion and boosting metabolism. Certain poses massage inner organs to relieve congestion and reduce inflammation, improving our gut health.

A healthy diet partnered with a digestive-focused flow will boost your gut health like never before. Although, as a mum myself, I understand it’s not always easy to prepare a completely nutritious meal after a long day. My secret (aka saviour) is to consider investing in a meal delivery program like Soulara. Not only do I know these plant-based dishes are freshly made and provide me with the nutrients my body needs, but it also saves plenty of time when there’s no prep or wash-up needed – yes please!

Relieves stress and improves mood

There is no practice quite like yoga that encourages you to take time to fully zone in on your own mind, even just for a few minutes. The focus and intricate breathwork needed during yoga mean that your mental health gets some much-needed TLC as you check-in with your body and release tension in areas you didn’t realise were holding on to stress.

You can go at your own pace

I always recommend yoga to mums as opposed to other forms of physical exercise, because it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you want to set aside an hour a week to practice, or just 10 minutes a day, your flow can be altered to suit you and your needs. There are fast, slow, gentle, relaxing or more dynamic routines, so no matter your amount of energy or problem area, yoga is a very versatile way to move.


As I mentioned before, the beauty of yoga is how it connects mind to body and is a great way for mums to ensure some me-time. In my opinion, it’s the best (and only) way to achieve rest, focus, and relaxation all at once, while still exercising your body. Throw in some music and a candle and find yourself feeling recharged after a long day (or week, or month…).

Us mothers are busy people, and finding time to put ourselves first can be a challenge. But when you do have a few spare minutes to check in on your own mental and physical wellbeing, I encourage you to give yoga a go – watch as it revitalises your insides and out, all in one hit.



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Passionate about teaching the ‘art of slowing down’, Kate Kendall is the Co-Founder & Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic, in Sydney’s Paddington. With over 2000 hours of yoga teacher training, Kate covers everything from calming flows, to dynamic and upbeat movements.

Kate co-created the unique and first of its kind, ‘Flow After Dark, Yoga Silent Disco’ events around Australia, bringing her own sense of flair and fun to the practice of yoga. She moved on to lead her own Inspired Leaders Yoga Teacher Training and mentoring, and created her own 4 week e-course, The Space Between, with a focus on mindfulness and slowing down – saying her goal for her students is to ‘make their default mode ‘calm’. Also a proud author, Kate released her own book ‘Life in Flow’ in 2019, that spreads the word of the importance of balance through yoga, meditation and breathwork.