Every year we go through the same dilemma: what can we buy our mothers that they don’t already have? Giving a gift for Mother’s Day can be easy. But giving the perfect gift? A special and memorable gift that they’ll never forget? That requires a little more thought.

You might not know it yet, but there’s no better Mother’s Day gift this year than a tree. Here are four reasons why.

  1. Trees Are Long-Lasting And Sustainable

When we plant a tree, it goes on to live for a very long time. During that time, trees will produce thousands of fruits, provide a home to generations of endangered animal species, and absorb significant amounts of carbon.

Trees have a wonderful and long-lasting impact on our planet. But the memory of a wonderful gift is long-lasting as well.

We can all finish a box of chocolates in a matter of minutes, and a fresh bouquet of flowers lasts for 10 days if we’re lucky. Trees are the ultimate sustainable gift.

Every time your mom sees a forest or even just a tree (and we hope that’s frequently!), they’ll be reminded of the special time they were gifted a tree in their name. And to make things even better, they can track its progress with regular updates as well.

  1. Mothers Put Everybody Else Before Themselves

When you gift your mom a tree, it means they’ll be leaving behind a better world for everybody and everything. Trees help to provide cleaner air for millions of people all over the world and even a healthier marine world too.

But when you plant Trees For Entreepreneurs (no, that’s not a spelling mistake), that tree can even create better prospects for unemployed youths in developing countries.

At our tree-planting site in Ghana, that gift to your mom helps to support a local entrepreneurship school. Moms can help these young boys and girls get an education, and develop the business skills they need.

We all know that mothers all over the world put others before themselves. They think about the bigger picture and put their needs last. They always have, and they always will. A tree is the perfect embodiment of that motherly love.

  1. No Matter The Weather, No Matter The Situation, A Tree Always Works

This one’s a little more topical! We’ve all bought our moms experiences and gifts that involve time spent together on a day out. But what happens when we’re all stuck indoors self-isolating?

During these times, there’s no gift more practical than a tree. A tree will continue to flourish no matter what chaos the human world finds itself in. Even when our lives are turned upside-down, a tree will continue to grow, battle climate change, and benefit the world.

Your mom will always know that no matter what’s going on, somewhere in the world her tree is doing good.

  1. Moms Need To Look Out For One Another!

So moms look out for their children, their families, and for basically everyone around the world. What about all the other moms? And more specifically, what about Mother Earth?!

Mother Earth has never needed us more than now. The next decade is crucial to the wellbeing of our planet, and trees are one of the most effective ways to help it.

So gift your mom the most special, unique, and perfect gift this year: gift your mom a tree. Happy Mother’s Day!


Chris Kaiser is a world traveler who has worked and lived on 5 continents to date. His last job, working with elephants in Thailand, led him to found Click A Tree to create habitat for these gentle giants. He now lives near his parents in Germany.



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