Where have all the Christmas cards gone? I mean seriously, I remember when I was young and we receive Christmas cards from my Aunts and Uncles with special greetings for Christmas and New Year. Sometimes we would be lucky enough to get some money slipped into one of them. How excited we were then whenever we open these envelopes with stamps all over them. It seems like I am talking about ancient history already.

With technology nowadays, have we forgotten the essence of sending out Christmas cards with handwritten notes and greetings for family and friends? Now, we send e-cards, electronic cards which are a digital version of a greeting card, typically accessed by the recipient via a hyperlink in an email. Or sometimes we just sent our greetings on social media like in Facebook and Instagram.

Reasons for us not sending out the usual Christmas cards anymore is first, we don’t have the time go to the mall one or even two months before Christmas to buy cards and post them to all of our relatives and friends. Secondly, it’s more eco-friendly now to send an e-card or a message via social media than to buy a card made out of paper. Thirdly, it’s more expensive to buy and post a Christmas card.

But hey, we can always make our own personalized Christmas cards from things like cardboard papers and other small Christmas decorations we have at home. I know we have to spare some time to do this but isn’t this a great way for us to do it with the children and they can help out with the decorations and stuff. Plus it brings out the children’s creativity and spend quality time with the family. You can also share them the stories when these were the only means on how people extend their greetings for the holidays.

This is also the time to exercise our hands, get that pen and start writing with your own words and express yourself. With our daily use of smartphones and laptops nowadays, we might have forgotten how our penmanship looks like.

Let’s start this Christmas and bring back the essence of sending that old-fashioned greeting cards to our family and close friends. Enjoy it with the kids and make your own personalized cards and you can also include them to the Christmas gifts you are wrapping to make it more special.


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