Youthrive Integrated Therapy Services

Youthrive Integrated Therapy Services

Just like a normal therapy session, only virtual!

Like many allied health organisations, at Youthrive, we are embracing technology and delivering our services at a distance by using telehealth to connect our therapists to children and their families.

Telehealth is a convenient and effective way for therapists and other health professionals to provide services to children and families who may not be able to attend clinic-based or face-to-face appointments.

Telehealth services can include tele-sessions (live video) and phone calls, and services can be accessed using a smartphone, iPad/tablet or laptop and an internet connection.

How does telehealth work?

You will receive an invite to a virtual room via a link through text or email. Click the link at your session time and you will be able to partake in a video session with your allied health professional without having to go into the clinic.

What will I need?

  • A computer, laptop, iPad/tablet or smart phone with a microphone and speakers and an internet connection.
  • A flat surface to place your device while you are having your session. Make sure you are able to see the screen and can be seen by your clinician on camera.
  • A quiet, private and appropriate space with adequate lighting. You might like to use headphones for additional privacy or to assist with hearing your clinician.
  • Any additional materials, resources or equipment provided for the session.

Handy tips for telehealth services

Telehealth sessions are just like a normal therapy or support session, but virtual. So even though you might be in your home, it is important to:

  • Let your clinician know if you are unable to make the session.
  • Check to ensure the sound and camera on your device are working appropriately
  • Wear clothes you would normally wear to appointments at the clinic
  • Consider what can be seen in the background while you are having sessions.

You will be actively involved in the session – your child may need support from you to keep them engaged.


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