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Camp Quality’s Happiness Hub is a new platform where isolation tips and tricks come from those who know isolation the best.

For mum of two Charlotte, the Coronavirus pandemic isn’t her first dealing with social isolation. After Charlotte’s daughter Zoe was diagnosed with Leukemia, her family had to isolate for more than two years because of how cancer treatment compromised Zoe’s immune system.

Families like Charlotte’s have had to become experts in long-term isolation. And they haven’t gone through it alone. Children’s cancer charity Camp Quality has been helping families just like Charlotte’s for 36 years.

Despite many of their face-to-face programs and events being cancelled, Camp Quality has promised to continue supporting families, by launching new website, Camp Quality’s Happiness Hub.

Camp Quality CEO Deborah Thomas has made it clear that support for families will continue through the pandemic saying, “Cancer doesn’t stop so neither can we”.

During a time where everyone is in isolation together, Camp Quality’s Happiness Hub is a digital dose of positivity and the online home of the Camp Quality Puppets and Virtual Camps. Full of fun activities, wellbeing resources and inspiring content from the Camp Quality Family, the Happiness Hub connects Camp Quality’s families and the broader community to help everyone get through this together.

Families including Charlotte’s share firsthand tips and tricks they have learned though their own experience of isolation. Check out Charlotte’s top tips and words of encouragement under the ‘from our family’ section on the Happiness Hub here!

Drawing together contributions from Camp Quality’s families, kids, volunteers, staff, supporters, ambassadors and corporate partners, Camp Quality’s Happiness Hub is a place for ‘happy campers’ to connect and have fun.

Camp Quality’s Happiness Hub will become a permanent part of Camp Quality’s service delivery after COVID-19 passes, sharing what has always been at the heart of their work for 36 years – laughter, connection and positivity.

Anyone can be part of and use the Happiness Hub. Check out the happiness Hub here:


Get a taste of what it’s all about with Camp Quality Puppet Kylie telling CEO Deborah Thomas about the Happiness Hub.


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