Jane Kilkenny

Jane Kilkenny

By: Jane Kilkenny

There’s a reason it’s called the “Silly Season” and it’s not about crazy schedules and non-stop shopping. The Christmas holidays should be a time when families can get back to basics and have some fun together.  The best way to do that is to put your adult brain aside and find your inner child again, be silly with your kids, they will love it!

Think back to the games you played in your childhood, tiggy, hopscotch, beach cricket, building sandcastles, anything that gets you all outside in the fresh air and moving your bodies.  Don’t spend your day at the beach with your head in a book with the occasional glance up to check the action. Give yourself permission to PLAY with your kids!  The same goes for a day in the park, get involved in the action and join in the fun.

After the year we have all endured these holidays are an important time to enjoy some quality family time. Covid has caused us all a huge amount of stress, and the research is showing that our kids are also suffering the consequences.  Make sure that there is plenty of fun and laughter at family time. Deal with the adult issues when the kids aren’t around so that you can make the most of your time together.  Time is precious, it’s the one thing we can’t put on hold.  Our kids can’t wait for us to make time for them. That time is now.

Christmas is about family connection. Sometimes extended family can cause extra stress at this time of year but try to keep these frustrations to yourself and focus on the fun side.  Be patient, be tolerant and give everyone the chance to enjoy some time together. Some families are challenging, but this Christmas try to put negativity aside and be grateful that we have all pulled through this year.

The two things that will change the mood at any event are movement and laughter.  Regardless of age, movement will lift your mood. The other great mood lifter is laughter. Maybe that’s why we have those awful jokes in the Christmas crackers, at least some of them are funny and make us laugh. So for our 2020 Christmas take the lead from your kids and get outdoors and play games. Christmas is the time when we can all channel our inner child.  Get the games out at Christmas events and watch everyone relax and smile.