They say to never work with animals and children, so naturally, today’s interview is about… both.

For anyone who has had pets in their life will know how much love and joy they bring. There are very few things in the world as perfect as the two, so naturally, they belong together.

The benefits of children growing up with pets are wildly documented. To help discuss what some of those are, we welcome our special guest first nation’s people, indigenous entrepreneur, and father, Morgan Coleman.

Morgan is the CEO and founder of the startup app – Vets On Call: an app that brings the vet to you in your home making it stress-free for pets and their owners to receive quality veterinary care. Morgan was also 7News Young Achiever Award (2020) and the Ernst & Young Indigenous Entrepreneur Achiever Of The Year Award (2019).


We ask Morgan questions including:

  1. How beneficial are animals in the emotional development of children?
  2. What are the top 5 benefits for children who have a pet?
  3. What life lessons can animals teach children?
  4. How has having animals in your life help shape your development of empathy, sense of responsibility as a child, and work ethic now as an adult?
  5. As a Torres Strait Islander, I understand you experienced challenges growing up Indigenous. What can you tell about the challenges you faced?
  6. I’ve read you would like to be an example to other Indigenous kids (and your son in particular) that business and entrepreneurialism is absolutely something they can pursue, can you expand on this?
  7. How do Vets On Call help time-poor parents?
  8. Where can parents access Vets On Call?


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