Multiple Advantages of Multicultural Parenting

As a young child develops into a grown-up, there are numerous influences that shape him as an individual. Each interaction with a fellow human being leaves a lasting impression on the child. Such influence on character is not wielded by… Continue Reading >

Imaging Your Identity

Your identity is who you are intrinsically and internally. It is the real you. Establishing, solidifying your identity involves two processes. First, you must know your core values and allow everything you do and say to emanate from these pillars… Continue Reading >

Regaining the Relationship Spark after the Baby

A beautiful new baby usually means a big reshuffle in life. How do we look after our relationship with our partner in all of this juggle? Now you’re parents not just partners. You’re two tired individuals trying to find your… Continue Reading >

How to Help Families Talk to Children about Race and Identity

SESAME WORKSHOP CONTINUES MAJOR COMMITMENT TO RACIAL JUSTICE WITH NEW “ABCS OF RACIAL LITERACY” CONTENT TO HELP FAMILIES TALK TO CHILDREN ABOUT RACE AND IDENTITY  New content is part of Coming Together, an ongoing racial justice initiative Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit… Continue Reading >

Losing Yourself, Finding Yourself

During a recent conversation with one of my friends, she mentioned that the reason she started mountainbiking was that she found she had lost herself and her own identity and was “just a mum” and needed something more. Funnily enough,… Continue Reading >

Three Simple Ways to Help Kids Make Friends

Do you remember your first childhood friend? The one you woke up excited to see as you arrived at school inside the school gates? Delightful times playing, filled with laughter, fun and adventure. For children, forming friendships is a crucial… Continue Reading >

Twins Need their Own Identity

 Having your own identity is very important. Fancy being an identical twin and always being mistaken as your sister or compared to her? I have identical twins who are striving to be their own person, but still want to be… Continue Reading >

The royal baby and it’s digital identity – Norton’s reminder for parents

As the world eagerly looks on at the newly shared name and photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first-born son Archie on Instagram, Norton LifeLock is issuing a timely reminder to all expecting and current parents to be… Continue Reading >

Eosinophilic Oesophagitis – From diagnosis to diet

If you thought having one or two food allergies was hard enough, try having to avoid four, six or even eight types of ingredients. In light of the National Eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders awareness week that runs in August each year, we… Continue Reading >