Having fun together as a family is a perfect way to spend the warm summer days. With a new baby, however, it can be hard to come up with ideas that let the toddler or preschooler go wild while still providing entertainment for the youngest sibling. If you’re looking for great ideas for this summer and will have a new baby, try some of the following ideas.

Have Some Fun in the Yard

Spend a little bit more time in the yard. Fun snacks and drinks are close at hand, you’re right by the beds when it’s nap time, and the baby can join everyone outside. While the toddler’s running around, the baby can be placed in an infant baby swing, so he or she can still see everything that’s going on. Don’t forget an umbrella to provide shade, and use sunscreen once the baby is old enough to prevent sun damage.

Visit the Zoo

A walk through the zoo is a great way to wear out the older siblings and give the baby something new to look at. A good stroller or carrier makes it easier to get around with the baby and their brother or sister. When it’s time for the baby’s nap, the toddler can still walk around and check out everything. Though the baby might not know what the animals are yet, they’re sure to have a great time.

Play With Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk provides a way for kids to make amazing creations. When the day is done, the art can be washed off the sidewalk or driveway, and there’s a blank slate ready for the next day. Babies can enjoy playing around with the sidewalk chalk or paint, too. Create homemade sidewalk chalk paint that’s edible. It’s baby-safe, so if they give it a little taste, they won’t be hurt or get sick. Just like regular sidewalk chalk, it erases with water, so it comes off clothes easily.

Check Out a Farmer’s Market

A farmer’s market is the perfect place to explore, learn about new types of foods, and check out all of the sights, colors, smells, and sounds. Babies will love being taken through the farmer’s market and get to check out everything that’s there. Older kids can help pick out vegetables to use for dinner, which may make it more likely they’ll give it a try. Plus, at the end of the trip, everyone has fresh foods to enjoy. Try to challenge older kids to find something new to cook and use the time to show the baby as many colors and shapes as possible.

Splash in Water

Splashing in the water is a great sensory activity for young kids. This includes safe playtime in the pool, relaxing and splashing in a baby wading pool, or just pouring and dumping water from one container to another. Babies and older kids will love playing in the water, washing off a few toys that can get wet, or running through the sprinklers. Done outside in the yard, any messes are minimal and easy to clean up. Be sure to learn more about infant water safety before playing in the water to make sure everyone stays safe at all times.

Head to the Library

Libraries often offer more than just books to borrow. Many have toddler reading time, which is a great way for toddlers to have the chance to listen to and see new books. While the toddler is enjoying the show, the parent and baby can take a look at a few picture books or just relax and listen to the story.

Having a new baby to worry about doesn’t mean summer fun needs to be limited. There are tons of ways to include the baby in family-friendly activities, so everyone will have a fantastic time. Try out a few of these ideas to see which ones the kids love best. 

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