The 9 months leading up to the birth of a baby is a time of planning preparation. Depending on how the pregnancy came about & the type of relationship the parents are in, this time can deliver any number of scenarios & experiences from blissfully happy to intensely challenging.

All of these situations will have an impact on the sense of connection between the couple, & the beginnings of the connection with the baby.

 To discuss how couples can make the most of the lead-up to the babies arrival we welcome our special guest Elisabeth Shaw, CEO, Relationships Australia NSW.

Elisabeth is a clinical & counselling psychologist with extensive experience in relationships services. She has taught at ACU, UNSW & Newcastle Universities in areas of clinical practice, management & professional ethics, and routinely presents and publishes work in these areas. She is also a senior consultant & chair of the board for many leading organisations.


We ask Elisabeth questions including:

  1. How can parents use this preparation time to strengthen their connection?
  2. Is this a time to work hard to build a common vision?
  3. How can parents best approach tricky situations with friends & family?
  4. How important is it for the parents to be united in their decisions? 


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