Baby Sleep Expert

Baby Sleep Expert

Pre-sleep Rituals or bedtime routines are really good to introduce to your baby around three months old. I like to call them rituals because they do become just that. Rituals. By incorporating special time with your baby before they go to bed they come to know and love it.

But it is the simple and consistent rhythm of what you do before bed that becomes so predictable for your baby and allows them to know what’s coming next. And being relaxed and calm in the minutes before being put into the cot can really help them fall asleep easily.

Some babies especially if they are overtired can be quite wound up and stimulated before bedtime. A gentle predictable routine around bed can really assist them to get out any pent up energy and really wind down to a calm and relaxed state.

The younger your baby is the shorter the pre-sleep ritual needs to be (3-6 months). Great ideas for pre-sleep rituals for younger babies are:

  • A lovely warm bath or a baby massage
  • Take bub into the bedroom, dim the light, turn on the white noise and change them
  • Wrap them in their swaddle or pop on their sleeping bag
  • Cuddle your baby and read them a story
  • Cuddle your baby and talk to them about what they did that day (your voice is very soothing for them)
  • Sing them a song
  • Do a final feed and transition them into their bassinette or cot

Slightly older babies can enjoy a bit more winding down time (6-12 months). Great ideas for pre-sleep rituals for this age group are:

  • A bath and into sleep suit and sleeping bag
  • Saying goodnight to everyone (babies love to be carried around to say goodnight to family, pets, or their favourite toys.
  • Read them a story or sing to them
  • Cuddle with you while snuggling with a special blanket or toy
  • Final feed for the day and then into the cot
  • Turn on the white noise, turn off the light and say goodnight.

Having bedtime at roughly the same time every night is important to support your baby’s body clock. And the predictable sequence of events before bed gives your baby clear signals that it’s wind down time and bedtime. It doesn’t really matter what you do, or exactly how you do it but that you consistently do it.

In time the lovely wind down routine and the special rituals you incorporate in for your baby will become just as enjoyable and special for you as they are for your little one.