Safe Sleep Week: Top 10 Bedtime Worries of New Parents

With Australia’s 6th annual Safe Sleep Week beginning today, Red Nose has revealed the top 10 questions it receives from new parents on how to keep baby safe while sleeping. Over the COVID period, the Red Nose Safe Sleep Advice… Continue Reading >

Pre-Sleep Rituals

Pre-sleep Rituals or bedtime routines are really good to introduce to your baby around three months old. I like to call them rituals because they do become just that. Rituals. By incorporating special time with your baby before they go… Continue Reading >

What is the fourth trimester and why is it so important?

I used to tell my patients that babies are born three months too soon. I know what you’re thinking: What?! Too soon?! For many mums, the third trimester feels never-ending. But remember, your baby’s brain grew so big that you… Continue Reading >

Tips for dressing your newborn for sleep in warmer weather

Media kindly brought to you by Tommee Tippee   Nobody sleeps well when they’re feeling too hot (or cold), and newborn babies are no exception. Your little one can’t regulate their core body temperature like older children or adults can,… Continue Reading >

Swaddling and your Babes Hips

  Swaddling is a super part of bringing up the baby but exactly what do we need to think about before we start wrapping bubs up before sleep. Well, we need to think about the development of babes hips and… Continue Reading >

Dressing your Baby for A Better Night’s Sleep

Dressing your baby for sleep can often be a bit of a guessing game, particularly during the colder months when nursery temperatures drop and parents’ anxiety levels skyrocket!  What is the right temperature for my nursery? What is a tog… Continue Reading >