My mother is my hero. When I was 10 years old, my father went to prison on a life sentence without parole. You could imagine the despair and undeniable heartbreak that my sister and I felt as our dad was just stripped from our lives, and possibly forever. As our worlds came crashing down, my mother was the rock that we needed to pull ourselves out of our pain. She helped us see a brighter future and focus on our biggest goals and dreams when we couldn’t do it for ourselves.

This powerful woman has been in so many situations throughout her life that could have easily prevented us from having the beautiful family that we have today. Things such as; domestic violence, homelessness, becoming a teen mother, abuse, and more. However, she never gave up. My mother never let her upbringing stop her from giving my sister, brother, and I the best possible chance at success that we could in our lives.

Unfortunately, my brother turned to a life of drugs, and my sister moved out of the state. So as you could imaging, my mom was my ride or die! She still is, if I’m being honest.

In March of 2021, my mom found a lump in her breast. In spite of the fear, the negative thoughts, and the pain, I stayed positive, or at least, I tried to stay positive. One excruciating week later, and I will never forget the text that my mom sent to my sister and I. “The test came back positive for breast cancer.” My heart sunk into my chest as the pain of what she said stabbed me in the chest like an ice-cold knife, yet I could feel my cheeks heating up and tears begin to drip from my eyes. The only thing that is keeping me positive to this day as my mom navigates this new battle of hers, is her uncanny positivity throughout this whole process.

My mother’s ability to be such a light pulls me through the range of emotions that I was feeling and still feel to this day. But what I do know, is that this is a battle that we are in together. I don’t think that my passion for health and wellness along with her contagious positivity will pull her into a full recovery. I know that it will.

So happy Mother’s Day to all of the strong mothers out there who have overcome hardships and are still putting their best foot forward. You are loved, you are worthy of thriving, and you deserve pure joy on your Mother’s Day.


Eden Gold

Speaker | Health Coach