It’s now easy to boost your super at no extra expense or effort


Online shopping has never been more popular, in fact over 80.8% of Aussies now regularly buy on the internet. But imagine if you could get something back in return after you ‘add to cart?’ Well turns out you can.

Boost Your Super is a platform that helps you raise free and easy contributions for your superannuation each time you shop online. Simply sign up for free and then next time you’re paying for insurance, buying new shoes or anything else, Boost Your Super will receive a commission from the retailer which they pay directly into your super account where it can grow to be worth a lot more.

From The Book Depository and eBay to Dan Murphy’s, The Iconic and Coles, Boost Your Super has partnered with over 480 well-known retailers, so when you’re doing your normal online shop you’ll never miss out on free super again. And to make it even easier, there’s also a handy Google Chrome extension you can download called Boost Your Super Notifier which will let you know if you can earn cashback super from that retailer. Simply click through when prompted by the pop-up window and you’re on your way to getting a free super boost.

Why does this matter? Well according to Paridhi Jain, Founder of renowned Australian ‘money school for adults,’ SkilledSmart, a little now can go a long way later.

“Superannuation is a really powerful wealth creation vehicle for Australians. Unfortunately, a lot of people find it overly complicated, boring, or something to worry about later. In reality, the sooner you take control of your super, the better for your finances. What seems like a ‘small’ contribution today can snowball into some really big numbers, and that can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement or a not-so-comfortable retirement. If someone in their 20s or 30s started contributing an extra few hundred dollars to their super every year, by the time they retire in their 60s those additional contributions could be worth tens of thousands of dollars!” says Paridhi.

“Anything that can help you add some small contributions to your super is going to help you in the longer term. If you’re earning cashbacks on your shopping directly from the retailer, that’s great money to add to your super!”

Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not.

“There’s no catch, you pay exactly the same amount you would when buying items without Boost Your Super. In fact, sometimes you actually pay less because we also notify members about special deals retailers are offering,” says Ngoya ‘Pep’ Pepela, Founder of Boost Your Super.

“Our aim is simply to help online shoppers effortlessly get more engaged with their super so they can retire with more,” continues Pep. “You shop at the same stores in the same way, except with an extra ‘click’ you get money paid straight into your super account – who wouldn’t want to do that? We also donate 1% of every qualifying transaction made to Make-A-Wish Australia.”

To find out how much free extra super you could be getting a year, simply visit and use their handy new Boost Your Super Calculator tool. To download the free Boost Your Super Notifier Chrome Extension head to:


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