In the last few months we have seen a positive shift in consciousness with the likes of the #MeToo campaign, passing of Marriage Equality in Australia and, following the tragic loss of Amy “Dolly” Everett who took her own life after being bullied, the launch of the anti-cyber-bullying campaign.

I think we all agree it is heartwarming to see this movement and rise of intentional living and practising mindfulness, not only here in Australia but globally. This is a philosophy we here at Kiddipedia are very passionate about endorsing and amplifying.

Positive thoughts breed positive results and leads to positive outcomes. A positive attitude is contagious I’m sure we’d all agree the world needs more of it to help elevate us and propel the human race forward.

In support of this movement, Kiddipedia is thrilled to support Sarah Morrissey, from Little Rockers Radio, in the launch of the Human+Kind, Raising Good Humans podcast.

We had the chance to catch up with her to learn what it’s all about:


  1.     We’ve come to know and love you of course as the Founder of Little Rockers Radio, what prompted you to launch Human+Kind? 

As Little Rockers Radio started to grow I was asked more and more to interview parenting experts and although I loved interviewing and finding out all the ins and outs of parenting I found the topics we were covering could be easily found on many parenting sites. I wanted to cover topics that were not necessarily covered, important topics that needed to be spoken about, like how the average age of children now seeing porn for the first time being 8 – how to we address this, prevent it, talk to our children when they do see it.

I’m also a big advocate for raising our children to be community-minded and kind, so along with a good friend of mine we decided to launch Human+Kind, Raising Good Humans.


  1. Tell us what is the tone and voice of Human+Kind and what type of listener will it appeal to?

It will appeal to Parents with children from baby through to teens and we are there for Parents to tune into the topics that matter to them. Although Melissa and I, as hosts, are quite relaxed we take our topics very seriously and want to be able to offer all sides of a topic (a parents perspective, an experts perspective and government perspective where needed) so that Parents can make up their own minds and decide what’s best for them and their family. We try to leave our judgments out as much as possible, however, do freely talk about our experiences too.


  1. Have you launched this by yourself and or is it in partnership with someone else?

I have been doing interviews on my own with Little Rockers Radio for years so it’s really nice to now be able to team up with Melissa Wakefield and focus on topics we are both truly passionate about. Melissa is a gorgeous breath of fresh air and is raising two lovely little humans just like me.


HK - Sarah and Mel


  1. What is the underlying message that Human+Kind wants to convey?

How do we best prepare our children for the world? How do we raise them to be the kind, grateful, caring, confident leaders of tomorrow? How do we navigate the early years, the primary years, the teens and how do we raise them in an inclusive community? Let’s find out together.


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