Make Your COUNTDOWN to CHRISTMAS More Meaningful This Year

We all know that Christmas is about more than presents, but for children who can’t wait for Santa, it can be hard to get the message across. Why not make your countdown to Christmas more meaningful this year with one… Continue Reading >

The Perfect Twist on a Mother’s Day eCard

Finding a Mother’s Day card is a thoughtful and personal gesture. The problem is that most greeting cards are so common that they can feel impersonal. Sure, you can personalize them by adding your own personal message or go the… Continue Reading >

Can our words of encouragement negatively impact our children?

Could the words you use with your children today make them more susceptible to peer pressure in the future? The other day Aimee and I were walking back from swimming where we saw a little boy about to jump off… Continue Reading >

Kid-Friendly Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Creating your own family traditions can be so much fun, and Valentine’s day is the perfect moment to get together and celebrate. So here’s a programme of ideas to fit into your day, crafting cards and sharing a cute themed… Continue Reading >

Put your own oxygen mask on first

If you have been on a plane recently then you will have heard the airline safety message, “fit your own oxygen mask first before helping others, including children”. Does this sound a bit crazy…….. cruel….. unrealistic….. or down-right sensible?  … Continue Reading >

What it is to be Human (big humans and kids alike!)

  So researchers have put their heads together and after much debate decided there are 6 primary human emotions… Anger Fear Sadness Surprise Trust Anticipation   Although a quick google search will, of course, provide a wide variety of answers… Continue Reading >

What to do when your child tells you they are being bullied?

Our initial reaction can often be one that is driven by raw feelings of protectiveness, anger and love. Some parents are instinctively driven to contact the bully’s parents and the school, demanding the situation is resolved. While this is not… Continue Reading >

Kiddipedia is thrilled to be in partner with Human+Kind, Raising Good Humans Podcast

In the last few months we have seen a positive shift in consciousness with the likes of the #MeToo campaign, passing of Marriage Equality in Australia and, following the tragic loss of Amy “Dolly” Everett who took her own life… Continue Reading >

A letter from a mum…..

To my friends:  I miss you, I think about you all the time. I want to catch up, finding the time isn’t always easy, especially with two little children who get coughs and colds often. I also know that you… Continue Reading >