Trish Corbett

Trish Corbett

A bunch of words

Every day you use words. They float around in your head and express themselves in your words and actions.

You react and respond to the thoughts in your head whether they be positive or negative. Your reaction or respond to others is because of what’s happening, or happened in your environment, whether it be in a past environment or your current one.

Words are important and they float around in your head constantly.  I’ve heard people say ‘that’s just me’ – as if they don’t have a choice in changing their thoughts or future actions. That’s just BS… a Belief System.

Mindset and actions

The same happens with your child – especially as they grow older. This is why it is vital that you use words that help them create a positive mindset. As well as a growth mindset.

When you use words that bring out the best in them you also let them know who they are, and they get to choose who they want to become. This happens in small everyday actions.

Use positive words that help them see themselves as you see them. Your child will soon realise that they have certain character traits and can call on them at any time when they need them. Throughout their entire life.

Words have massive impact

I’ll guarantee that if you were told you were stupid, an idiot or useless as a child that’s what you tell yourself when you are down on yourself.

Banish these words from your vocabulary. Your children are too precious to hear you say it to yourself because as you know they’ll repeat your words. To themselves!

Rather than say stubborn, say determined. When you are being ‘honest’ also be tactful. Children are children, they are growing, learning and developing constantly – just like you. You’re their mentor, their role model, their teacher.

If you’d like a checklist of positive words to see which ones you constantly use, then click here to raise confident children. Every week I blog about one of those words and that will help you stay focussed on a particular word. This is how you instil values in your child – by using positive language that help bring out the best in them.