Be Careful How You Speak to Your Children

As parents we are often under a lot of pressure to keep the proverbial plates spinning in the air. Many times, in our efforts to get everything done, we don’t pay enough attention to how we speak to our children…. Continue Reading >

Making Memories at Christmas

The key question to keep asking is: Are you spending your time on the right things? As time is all you have. Randy Pausch One of my most valued things in the entire world is a tin lunch box filled… Continue Reading >

What are the impacts of chronic stress on children and their learning? | Dr Tom Brunzell | Ep 194

  We know all too well the pressures for parents and carers who have been supporting their children’s education through remote learning over the last 18 months have been intense. Especially for families in Victoria due to the ongoing and… Continue Reading >

The Impacts of COVID-19 and Long-Term Remote Learning on Children and the Classroom Environment

Throughout 2020, COVID-19 had a profound impact on how we work and learn. The long-term effects of the pandemic on our society will likely be a matter of discussion and debate for years to come. This article will demonstrate how… Continue Reading >

Instilling values in your child

A bunch of words Every day you use words. They float around in your head and express themselves in your words and actions. You react and respond to the thoughts in your head whether they be positive or negative. Your… Continue Reading >

The key to bully-proofing your child

Bullying is a scourge.  Not a single Australian parent will be unaware of both the prevalence of bullying and the damage it can cause if left unaddressed.  As parents, we worry about it.  Unfortunately, worrying doesn’t change or improve the… Continue Reading >

How to Support Grieving Families

When a family member or friend suffers the loss of their much loved baby, you may not always know what to say or do. You may be feeling helpless and powerless and quite distressed yourself. Bears of Hope Pregnancy and… Continue Reading >

Am I doing Enough?

By Krissy Regan, The Wellness Poet Time and time again I hear this question, “Am I doing Enough?” AND I also ask myself the following questions on a regular basis. Am I doing enough to help? Am I working hard… Continue Reading >

Can our words of encouragement negatively impact our children?

Could the words you use with your children today make them more susceptible to peer pressure in the future? The other day Aimee and I were walking back from swimming where we saw a little boy about to jump off… Continue Reading >