How many words should my child be saying?

As a paediatric speech pathologist the question “how many words should my child be saying?”, or “should my child be talking more?”  is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions I hear from families. There is often a lot… Continue Reading >

Be Careful How You Speak to Your Children

As parents we are often under a lot of pressure to keep the proverbial plates spinning in the air. Many times, in our efforts to get everything done, we don’t pay enough attention to how we speak to our children…. Continue Reading >

Curiosity is the key to making spelling fun

Educators have been tracking children’s common spelling errors for about 100 years, and their errors haven’t changed much over all these years. When your great grandparents were in Year 1 at school, they were making the same mistakes as your… Continue Reading >

How to talk to your child about racism

By Maria Thattil   Educating your child about racism and how to speak to others when someone appears to be “different” from what is perceived to be “the norm” is not simple. Kids are naturally curious; this curiosity can manifest… Continue Reading >

Why “I love you” is important to kids.

When I started to write this article, I thought it would be easy. Write an article about why saying I love you to children is so important. As a psychologist who works with children and adolescents, and a mum this… Continue Reading >

How to Boost Toddler Confidence

Toddlers lose all day long! They’re weaker, slower, shorter, less verbal, and clumsier than almost everybody they know. They just want to win a few! You can’t protect your child from all the losses he’ll suffer while he’s growing up…. Continue Reading >

The WORDS no mother EVER wants to hear!

It had been a typical day in my life, of a mum to four young children. I had tried desperately to make some headway with the mess strewn across my house and the loads of dirty laundry that had piled… Continue Reading >

3 Reasons Your Child Lacks Self-Confidence

There are many reasons why people, including your child, lack self-confidence. There are a few things that you can do or tweak, to help them grow their self-confidence. Use encouraging words Help them take their power back Get them to… Continue Reading >

What you must tell your children

I recall, years ago, I ducked into a supermarket to grab a few things and while in a supermarket aisle and there was a mum nearby with her small child who was being reprimanded. Which I’m sure we’ve all done… Continue Reading >

Instilling values in your child

A bunch of words Every day you use words. They float around in your head and express themselves in your words and actions. You react and respond to the thoughts in your head whether they be positive or negative. Your… Continue Reading >