Yvette Salvaris

Yvette Salvaris

Everywhere we look we are told that we need to have a well balanced life style. We need to balance our work life with our personal life, but  how do we do this? . The world that we live in is always changing, especially since the introduction of COVID 19.  More people are working from home, home schooling children and studying. This makes it hard for anyone to find the perfect balance. But with a few changes you can find your work life balance.

Burn out is something that can happen if we don’t look after ourselves. Over the last few months I have had many parents come to me for advice on how to deal with the stress that surrounds them at this point in time. Everyone is trying to be the perfect parent, caregiver and partner.   As well all strive for perfection, we can slowly find ourselves loosing control and focus of what is important to us.  Fear of failure makes us work that little bit harder, but that in turn makes us loose a little bit more control. To regain our control and to get our life back in balance we need to let go. When you are done for the day, close the door and try not to let the thought of work consume your thoughts. What you did not finish in one day, you can finish the next.  Don’t strive for perfection, aim to be the best you can be, even if its not your ideal image. It’s ok to leave the dishes unwashed to spend some time reading your child a story before bed, don’t stress if your too tired to cook and you need to order take out. Do what is best for you and your loved ones, even if its not your perfect image.

Make a commitment to your self to wind down each day. While working hard is important, so to is winding down after a crazy day. Commit to winding down,  find a routine that you can stick to. For some it may be going for a walk after we get home, for others it might be a long warm bath. If we don’t make time to switch off and recharge our batteries through adequate sleep and rest we will experience burnout. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks. You are not a super human with super powers. Everyone needs rest to be able to perform at their best. So make a list of tasks and see what you can delegate to others.

Your time is precious so use it wisely. This also applies to the time you spend with other people. Prioritize those who mean the most to you and ensure that you spend quality time with them, away from distractions. Make time to sit and eat together free of distractions from your phone and other devises. Even if its only for an hour or so, you will start to feel more connected and in control.  When we loose control , is when we also loose our connections with others. Having meaningful relationships is great for our mental health.

It’s no secret that exercise makes us feel better both mentally and physically. The simple act of moving helps us to release stress and tension. There are many ways you can incorporate movement into your day. You could have a meeting while walking, or get up a bit earlier to go for a walk. If your energetic you can schedule in a gym class. The great thing about doing a class is that you have to remain committed to showing up so no excuses. Commit to moving every day, it may be a gym workout, it may be a 20 minute walk at lunch, no matter the intensity, move every day. If you are healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, then chances are your children will follow. Set a good example for those around you.

Being organised is a great way to keep a work life balance. They simple act of creating a schedule and a routine will help you be in control of your time. A schedule will outline your whole day and when you have time to do the things you love.  Once you start scheduling you will be surprised how much time you really have to devote to other things beside work. So find a way to schedule that suits you and you will be amazed at the results.

Work life balance need not be hard. If you follow just a few simple life hacks you will feel more in control and on top of things. Success does not just mean hard work and long hours , it also means time spent with love ones and doing the things you love. The most important factor is that you remain healthy and successful in all that you set out to do.

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