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I’d love for you to stop whatever you’re doing and go on a little journey with me, just for a moment, back to your childhood.

Take a deep breath and have a good think, it won’t take long: What was your favourite toy?

What was the ‘one’ toy that you just couldn’t‏ live without?

We never outgrow the thrill of our favourite childhood toys gave us. The nostalgic feelings of fun, excitement and playfulness stay with us throughout our lives.

This Christmas, give a gift that will create lifelong childhood memories.

Here are our top ticks for 2021 to help you pick that ’special’ toy that will stay in their heart and minds forever:

Barbie Make Your Own Dreamhouse

This impressive Barbie DIY double-story Dreamhouse stands at 70cm. It’s easy to construct and the set includes everything you need to build and decorate this gorgeous home. It includes furniture, moveable stickers ideal for little decorators. Once done, it’s easy to pack away and reassemble as often you required.

Barbie doll not included.


Hot Wheels Maker Kitz Tek Car

The new Hot Wheels™ TEK Car is a STEM approved activity, geared to maximise learning opportunities! The kit includes an electric motor, speaker system, L.E.D lights and a control unit so you can build an all action motorised high tech vehicle to race around and be the envy of all.


Hey Duggee & Musical Squirrels Soft Toy

Hey Duggee & Musical Squirrels soft toy is super soft and made from 100% recycled material. Choose from 3 play modes, gently pat Duggee on the head for fun WOOF WOOF sounds or press his footpads for story mode or music & silly sound mode. Duggee and the Squirrels are featured in the iconic Duggee hug pose.


The Wiggles Poseable Emma Ballerina Doll

Help Emma Wiggle practice ballet dance poses, such as a curtsey or arabesque by moving her legs and arms into different dance positions just like a real ballerina! Made from soft plush material, this poseable doll features wires in her arms, legs and feet that little ones can easily manipulate.


Lalaboom My First Builder Set & Beads

Children are overflowing with imagination, so let them freely express themselves! The Lalaboom Builder Set offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to playing, stacking and building. Endless options available to create and play with no limits. Lalaboom helps to develop creativity, pattern recognition, fine motor, and problem-solving skills.