With school holidays quickly approaching, it can sometimes be hard for parents to juggle their schedules and ensure they are making enough time for themselves to visit the gym or get in some fitness time. If you are struggling to make time for workouts with the kids at home, Ben Lucas founder of Flow Athletic share 5 workouts to try with your kids making it a family friendly activity:


Whilst some people think cardio is purely running or walking, there are actually many ways you can be creative and still get in a good half an hour of cardio – even with your kids at home! Some fun kid friendly cardio based activities can include jump roping (skipping), bike riding and even swimming. All of these activities will keep your kids entertained whilst you are able to still undertake an effective cardio workout.


Typically, most people think yoga needs to be practiced in a quiet, peaceful environment however there are many studies that prove yoga is quite beneficial to children too. The next time you are at home with the kids, try having a short yoga class with them, indoor or outdoor practicing your basic stretches and movements. This will give you the time for a workout, whilst keeping your kids entertained and involved!


A rather traditional way of working out from home are fitness videos! Whether these are from the internet or some old fashioned videos you might have around the house – these fitness videos not only show you how to workout from your living room but can be a great source of entertainment and fun for your kids to get involved in.

Floor series

Floor or mat workouts can be particularly effective and fun for the kids to get amongst with you. Whilst you undertake your normal exercises and movements, you can get the kids involved by giving them their own workout series. This can include, bear crawls, crab walks, star jumps and even butterfly kicks.

Get outdoors

An old trick, but a good trick! Ultimately, if you are home with your kids and looking for some time to have a quick workout, taking them to your local pool, beach or park can be the answer you are searching for. Letting them play in a park while you workout near them might work for some whilst others might want to let them play in their local pool whilst they do some laps. Whichever works for you, as long as you are moving your body and involving your kids your home workouts can still be effective.


Ben is the owner and co- founder of Flow Athletic, an incredibly successful yoga and fitness studio based in Paddington. It is now known worldwide and they (had) a lot of internationals coming in to try out their classes. He was also named one of the 2017 ‘Men of Influence’ by Men’s Style magazine and personally trains Erin Holland and Sammy Robinson to name a few.