3 mums who work in fitness share their ‘hacks’ for fitting in health and fitness around kids


Once there are kids on the scene, the road back to your previous self can be longer and bumpier than you imagine.

If you want to start incorporating more fitness and healthy eating into your week, here are tips from three mums (a fitness enthusiast, a fitness manager and a PT) who are on a similar journey and do the juggle every day.

Build a support team – Meg Merza, fitness enthusiast

“Train with a friend, especially another mum! This is a great way to stay motivated and support each other on your journey. After each having two children my friend and I aligned our schedules to make sure we could train together at least three times per week. Whether at 5am or 9am I know that I have someone else holding me accountable to turn up. We also know how it feels to have had children and support each other through the ups and downs of parenting. Through consistency and professional support I have gone from feeling weak and nervous being in the gym, to training consistently, feeling toned and being strong – lifting twice my bodyweight in the deadlift which is a goal both I and my children are proud of me achieving.”

Plan and prioritise – Jo Humphris. Group Fitness Manager – Genesis Health + Fitness Lawnton

“Plan your week, plan your gym classes, plan walks with friends, plan play dates for the kids, plan your personal time. If possible, walk to school one day a week and get the kids excited about it. Let them ride their bikes and ask a couple of friends to join you. Not only will it be good for you to do something different, it will also get you out in the fresh air and the kids will get some exercise as well.

“Also choose the right place to train. If you join a gym with an awesome Kids Club (creche) you have more flexibility when planning your week of classes or gym activities.”

Eat for you, not for twoJane Withnall, Coaching Zone Coach and PT – Genesis Health + Fitness Cairns

“Eating right is one of the biggest challenges that everyone faces. You are not alone in finding it hard, or confusing, or at times impractical – but there are a couple of simple ways to start improving.

“Pack your own lunch/snacks in the morning when you are making the kids lunches. This stops you from popping out and grabbing a treat, or not eating at lunch and binge eating in the early afternoon with cakes and biscuits. Your energy level and mental acuity require nutrition. Also, try to plan your meals in advance. This doesn’t have to be a long or tedious process, and the meals don’t need to be boring and tasteless. The key here is to find one or two meals that work and cook them in a batch. Steak or Chicken with a bit of flavouring on, with steamed veg and some potatoes or rice is an easy and delicious repeatable meal – just remember, portion sizes and frequency make the difference too!”


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