Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay

Almost 1 in 5 Australians (20%) will experience some form of a mental disorder in any year.

Over one in four (26%) young Australians experience a mental illness every year, undoubtedly you will know someone in your life that has suffered.

It’s not a disorder to turn your nose up to, its real, very real and a silent killer for far too many people.

For me, unfortunately and unexpectedly just over 18 months ago I Iost a very dear Uncle to suicide. Something our family never, ever, saw coming and still are coming to terms with today. I really don’t ever think we will.

I’ve also had an Auntie who suffered with Bio-polar and schizophrenia for the majority of her adult life. Growing up I’ve never really understood why she behaved the way she did, she was always distant, absent minded, never nasty or cruel, just lived in her own world. We knew she loved us, she just didn’t know how to show us.

Mental illness is not something that we can see with our eyes, but with some kindness and humility we can at least try to understand it.

We may not be able to sympathise, but ‘can’ empathise.

The very least we can do is try to help.

No-one with mental health issues chose to suffer with it, for all we know it could have been us.

Why is it as humans that we have filled our lives with so much ‘stuff’ to keep us busy that, for the majority of us we don’t have the time to slow down and simply ask if someone if they are ok? Is there anything I can do to help?

Just for a moment stop and think, what would it be like to lose control of your mind as you know it. To be outside of your own bubble looking into yourself with little to no control.

When we take this perspective, it shines a new light.

If anything, just chose to look at those around you not with judgment, but with love.

As they saying goes:

‘Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind, always’.

References: Australian Bureau of Statistics (2009). National Survey of Mental

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