A family breakup is always tough on all involved and it is quite common for them to seek legal assistance from family law specialists in Sydney with such issues. However, when it involves a relationship with someone of another country, it turns into an international dispute. This occurs when one of the parents opts to move back to their home country after the end of a relationship and take their child along with them without the consent of the other parent or order of the Australian court.

There are several legal steps a parent can take to prevent an international child abduction one of which is placing the child on an Airport Watch list. This is also referred to by several other names like the Australian Federal Police family law watchlist, etc. This article goes on to provide more information on the Airport Watchlist order.

What is the Airport Watchlist Order?

The airport watchlist is a system which can be used by parents for their child. This list is maintained by the Australian Federal Police and is accessible at all international departure borders in Australia. Thus, any child not on the watchlist attempting to cross the border be it sea or air will be detected and reported immediately or prevented from leaving the country. This is one of the best preventive measures a parent can take if they have a concern that the other guardian might take the child out of the couture without permission.

A large number of children are placed on the Australian Federal Police family law watchlist to prevent them from leaving the country and this works in most cases. There is an international system in place to help the parents in the case where their child is abducted (international child abduction). This is the Hague Child Abduction Convention which involves several countries around the world. As the famous saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”, however, those who did not take this measure can seek legal support and use the Hague Convention to retrieve their child.

How to Place or Remove a Child on the Family Law Watchlist?

In order to place your child on this Watchlist it is necessary to apply for a court order. It is a good idea to consult a lawyer for this who can complete the application for the order to be issued by the family or federal circuit court. It is necessary for the order to be drafted to specially mention that the child is not allowed to leave the country (Australia). Once the order is issued the name is placed on a list and is available to the relevant authorities. It is possible to remove the name from the list using a discharge order once the threat is over.

Benefits of Airport Watch Order?

Divorce lawyers Sydney can help place your child on the Airport Watchlist and there are many benefits of doing so. With the name on this list, parents can rest assured that their children will be secure and there is no risk of them disappearing into another country, like a partner’s country.

The child support lawyer can help with a wide range of legal issues pertaining to a family dispute. Going through a breakup can be tough, however, trusting a lawyer to handle the finer legal issues for divorcees and settlements can work out better. The family lawyers have the skills and knowledge to assist in the case of international child abduction and they are also the best people to contact to prevent it in the first place by entering the child on the Airport Watch list.