Three Ways to Stay in Control of your Health

What are we without our health? Not only does good health feel great, but making your health a priority makes all your other priorities in life a little easier to manage. Think of your body as like a bank account…. Continue Reading >

5 One-pot Dishes to Boost the Immune System!

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Pool Safety Tips from Olympic Swim Coach Laurie Lawrence

Children are automatically drawn to water. They love to splash, float and just basically have fun in it. That’s why water safety is very important and is no laughing matter. Anyone, even children (who knows how to swim) can have… Continue Reading >

Leading Australian Dietitian, Melanie McGrice joins Kiddipedia!

Melanie McGrice is a leading Australian dietitian and a highly respected author, researcher, journalist, speaker, blogger, thought leader and media personality on nutrition and dietary issues – and we are thrilled to be in partnership with her.  As an Advanced… Continue Reading >