Yvette Salvaris

Yvette Salvaris

It’s the middle of winter and here in Melbourne, we have just endured another Covid lockdown. The last thing we all feel like doing is being physical. However, it’s a proven fact that physical activity is not only good for our bodies but also our minds.  After another round of home-schooling, more screen time, and more inside activities, it’s time to get up and get moving.

These activities are fun and designed for children, however, children love it when their caregivers join in. so don’t be afraid to have some fun too.

Skipping race

This is a fun activity for children to improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills. It’s very simple and lots of fun.


Skipping ropes for all children.

Each child lines up and races to the finish line using skipping ropes. Remember to make this fun and not competitive. Children like using skipping ropes as it’s a new skill and lots of fun.

Obstacle course

This game is better suited to older children.   It can be done in a playground or even in a large indoor space.



Small bean bags

Skipping ropes


Beams and planks

Playground equipment

Set the equipment up as a course and get children to run through the course. Time each child, the one who does it the fastest wins.

Cat and mouse game

This can be played inside or outside.

Children stand in a circle. One child is in the middle they are the mouse, the other is outside the circle they are the cat. Children forming the circle hold hands. To let the mouse out the lift their hands. The object is to block the cat from getting the mouse.

Snake in the grass

This game is suited to most age groups  and is lots of fun. The children stand in a line facing the other side of the room. One chill lies in the middle on their stomach (like a snake). The  adult  yells go and the children walk to where the snake is and walk back. When the adult  yells snake in the grass, The snake can get up and  the other  children must make it to the other side of the room without getting tagged by the snake.

Musical statues with a twist

This is a great activity to promote working together and imagination in children. With traditional musical statues, the children stand very still once the music stops. For this version one, the music stops the adult calls out a shape or an animal etc. you can be as imaginative as you like. The adult also calls out a number e.g. 4 circles. This would mean in groups of 4 make a circle.  The group to do the action last loses the round.  You keep on going until only one child is left.