Where would we be without our Mums? They’ve been there for us through life’s ups and downs, seen every milestone, provided advice when we needed it and done it all without ever having to be asked. How lucky are we that we get to celebrate them on Sunday 9th May this Mothers Day?

The traditional way of celebrating our mums may often involve breakfast in bed or spending time around the family table, sharing a meal; but this Mothers’ Day, I want to challenge you to incorporate fitness & wellness into your day. Not only will you have a ball with your mum (or mother figure) doing so, but also together you’ll reap all the benefits of feeling great afterwards!

Tip #1: Take a walk together

Walking has to be one of the most simple and cost-friendly ways you & your mum can spend some quality time together and have a ball doing so. Not only is walking incredible or our physical wellbeing (increasing your heart fitness and improving your bone & muscle health) but it also gives you quality time to reflect, chat and laugh together. Choose a walking track you’ve never been to before, or even just do a few laps around your block and see how far you can go! You may even want to set a 30-minute timer and try to see how far you can walk together in that time (if you have a competitive family like mine). Bring along your dog if you have one and your family and prepare to have a great, healthy & relaxing start, end or middle to your Mothers Day celebrations.

Tip #2 Cook a healthy meal together

They say that when we cook, we share a little piece of who we are with those who eat what we create and if your mum is anything like mine, she may have been cooking for you & your family for a number of decades. To celebrate Mothers Day together, try cooking a meal with your mum that you can create and share together. You may try health Chocolate Chip Pancakes (made with chia seeds, eggs, cacao powder and mashed banana) for breakfast or for lunch, Healthy Oat & Quiona Bread may be at the centre of your table. For dinner, you may like to try something like a One Pan Yellow Curry, filled with nourishing vegetables and warming curry.

Whatever you decide to make, ensure you make it with love and use the time to try something new and expand your cooking repertoire and have fun with your mum.

Tip #3 Try a Group Fitness Class

As a group fitness instructor, some of the most joyful moments I’ve had with my mum have been when she’s attended my group fitness classes and had an absolute ball, making friends, taking photos and making movement fun. One thing for you to try this Mothers Day with your mum is a group fitness class that you both think you’d enjoy. Whether it’s an online Pilates Class, a stretching session, a HIIT class, a strength class or a Retro-robics class (yes, there is such a thing & I teach them!). Find one that you both love the sound of and commit to do doing it for 30 minutes on Mothers Day. The shared experience & the endorphins that follow will mean it’s a day you won’t ever forget.

Tip #4 Try a Mindful activity together

 The world we currently live in now is one where it can be very hard to have time to switch off, rest and recharge. This Mothers Day, incorporate a wellness practice such as Pilates, Yoga or even meditation together to find some peace and inner quite. My recommendation is to try an activity like this before you have breakfast in the morning. Spend say 15 minutes together, doing a class video online and just being present in the moment. Together, you’ll start the day feeling relaxed, peaceful and restored, ready for the festivities ahead.

So, this Mother’s Day, show your mum just how much she & her health & wellbeing mean to you through using the tips outlined. You may find that you love trying something new and as a result, have a new tradition that continues in your family for many years to come! Enjoy your day and remember, your mum is one of the most important people in your life, use this day to celebrate her for everything she has done for you.


Corinne Blight is the Founder of Limitless Fitness & Nutrition, an online and live group-fitness community that aims to make fitness and nutrition exciting, fun & energetic! As well as being a Group Fitness Instructor, Corinne is also a Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Nutrition & Health Presenter and Nutrition Coach. She has been working in the fitness industry for over 7 years and has worked with companies including Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon/ MTV and Western Sydney University as well as helped hundreds of people to reach their health and nutrition goals! Corinne is passionate about making fitness & nutrition FUN, light-hearted and exciting. When you step into one of her classes, you can expect to sweat, smile and leave with lots of feel-good endorphins! You will be left feeling #limitless, that’s for sure!