Easter is an important time of year for many of us, and not just because of the chocolate (although the Easter bunny always delivers). It’s also a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends, making a few special memories – and if you’re feeling creative, there are lots of interesting activities you can do together. Try these kid-friendly options to get things started:

Easter slime

Slime is one of those wonderful activities that combines having fun with making a mess – and what child could resist that? This may not make it onto a parent’s list of favourites, but it’s hard to resist slime with a theme (especially when it keeps the kids occupied for hours). All you’ll need for this one is a container of regular slime (or a slime recipe to make some) and the decorative bits and pieces you want to add in. Spruce up your regular slime with plastic chick charms, bunnies, and colourful sprinkles, and then pour the finished product into stain-proof containers for hours of slimy sensory fun. Just remember to put a covering over any expensive furniture or valuable objects that might get in the way – slime has a messy reputation for a reason.

Mason jars

When you’re looking for a classic craft activity that doubles as a brilliant keepsake, mason jars are about as good as it gets. Grab out the coloured paper, paint, glitter, and stickers, and get the whole family into decorating mode! While the jars are drying (and the kids are distracted), sneak out with a bag of chocolate eggs and hide them around your backyard. Then, when everything is dry and finished, take them out and use them to collect as many eggs as you can find. It’s the classic egg hunt with a crafty twist!

Tie-dye eggs

If you ask the Easter bunny, tie-dye never really went out of fashion, and it has become a popular way to put a crafty twist on the holidays. Before you start planning colour combinations, it’s best to boil the eggs and let them cool in the fridge – this will keep them free of any unwanted bacteria and make sure they’re still safe to eat after they’ve been dyed. Then, all you’ll need is food colouring in a range of different colours, a coffee filter with a twist tie, and a spray bottle full of water. Wrap the eggs in the filter and drip the food colouring over them, leaving time for it to absorb as you go. To finish, spray the filter with water, squeeze it snug to the egg, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Done, you now have tie-dyed easter eggs!

Egg and spoon races

It’s an oldie, but a goodie – and there are so many different ways to turn up the Easter charm on this classic party game. An egg and spoon race might not feel very festive, but a simple twist like using painted eggs (like the ones in the paragraph above) could change the whole game. If you like a challenge, you could even put on your best bunny costumes – from the ears down to the fluffy tail – and swap out the regular eggs for chocolate ones. Your little ones will love the experience almost as much as the sweet stuff!

Every year, Easter is a time of wonder and excitement for the kids, and with activities like these in your basket of tricks, you’ll have everything you need to create some great holiday memories with the whole family for years to come.