Little Change Creators

Little Change Creators

As parents, we want our children to be successful in whatever they do.  We want them to have happy and productive lives, and we believe that creativity is a key ingredient for this.  But how can we encourage creativity in our tweens?  It’s not always easy – especially when they seem to be more interested in their phones than anything else!  In this blog post, we discuss 10 ways to help boost your tween’s creativity.

1. Engage them in creative play

One great way to spark your tweens’ creativity is by encouraging them to engage in creative play.  This could be through construction toys such as Lego and Meccano or drawing activities such as this reusable Imagination Colour + Draw Set.  By giving them the freedom to explore their own ideas and use their imagination, they’ll start developing their creative thinking skills.

2. Expose them to creative environments

Another idea involves exposing tweens’ to different forms of art and creative expression.  Take them to art galleries, museums, and theatres.  This will not only expose them to different artistic styles but also inspire them and show them that there are endless possibilities when it comes to being creative.

3. Enrol your tween in creative classes

Get them involved in creative activities from an early age.  Tweens who are exposed to creative activities from a young age are more likely to think creatively.  One great way to encourage your tween’s creativity is through visual arts.  You could enrol them in a range of classes, such as painting, drawing, photography, floristry, pottery, cake decorating…the list is endless.  Let them explore different mediums and create their own masterpieces.  You may be amazed by what they come up with!  You could also try music, drama or dance classes.

4. Explore nature together

Outdoor activities can also do wonders for creativity.  Take your tween on nature walks or hikes, encouraging them to observe the world around them and imagine new stories or scenarios inspired by what they see.  This is also an ideal opportunity to switch off the devices and reconnect as a family.

5. Encourage reading

Let’s not forget about the power of reading and writing!  Encourage tweens to dive into books that spark their interest and fuel their imagination.  You can even organise book clubs or reading challenges to keep them engaged.

6. Inspire them to write

For tweens who aren’t avid readers, encourage them to write stories or create their own narratives through drawing or acting.  This will not only enhance their language skills but also allow them to express themselves creatively.

7. Play imaginative games

Tweens who are encouraged to use their imagination are more likely to be creative thinkers.  Try giving them open-ended prompts such as “pretend you’re a character in your favourite book” or ” what would you do if you had a million dollars?”.

8. Ask for their opinion

Tweens who feel their ideas and opinions are valued are more likely to think outside the box and see the world differently.  Encourage your tween to consider different perspectives and to voice their ideas and opinions on topics.

9. Give them freedom to experiment

None of us knows what we may like or enjoy unless we’ve had the freedom to try it.  So, if your tween asks to learn a musical instrument or buy some new art materials, be supportive.  Tweens need to feel like their creativity is valued.

10. Allow your tween to take risks.

Tweens who are allowed to take small risks are more inclined to think creatively.  We’re not talking about dangerous activities – just small things that are a little outside their ‘comfort zone’.  It might be exploring an entrepreneurial idea or a new hobby.  It’s okay if they make mistakes – that’s part of the learning process!


Nurturing creativity in tweens is essential for their overall development.  By providing them with opportunities to explore different artistic outlets and encouraging their imagination, we can help unlock their full creative potential.

Tweens are at a crucial stage of self-discovery, where they’re forming their identities and interests.  By fostering a creative environment, we allow them to express themselves freely and develop skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Whether it’s through art classes, music lessons, or simply encouraging them to engage in imaginative play, there are countless ways to boost creativity in tweens.  It’s important to remember that each child is unique and may have different interests or strengths when it comes to creative expression.

By supporting and celebrating their creativity, we can empower tweens to think outside the box, problem-solve creatively, and embrace their individuality.  Let’s inspire the next generation of artists, innovators, and dreamers by nurturing the creative spark in our tweens.