What you must tell your children

I recall, years ago, I ducked into a supermarket to grab a few things and while in a supermarket aisle and there was a mum nearby with her small child who was being reprimanded. Which I’m sure we’ve all done… Continue Reading >

Instilling values in your child

A bunch of words Every day you use words. They float around in your head and express themselves in your words and actions. You react and respond to the thoughts in your head whether they be positive or negative. Your… Continue Reading >

Developing Your Child’s Positive Mindset

Attitude – pick a good one Every day you make choices. Attitude is a choice. To help your child develop a positive mindset they need positive encouragement. Your child needs to know their strengths and that they can develop any… Continue Reading >

Helping children learn: What is the right speed of activities?

You may have noticed that children like to take their time – something small holds their attention for ages, especially when the adults are in a hurry!! However we can manage this better when we understand the process behind their… Continue Reading >

Raising money savvy kids

By NATASHA JANSSENS   Have you ever stopped to ponder about where your stories or beliefs about money come from and how they influence your spending habits? Last weekend, I realised that baby Emma (who is now 10 months old,… Continue Reading >

Can our words of encouragement negatively impact our children?

Could the words you use with your children today make them more susceptible to peer pressure in the future? The other day Aimee and I were walking back from swimming where we saw a little boy about to jump off… Continue Reading >

Developing Our Kids’ Vocabulary

Vocabulary development or, to ‘know the meaning of a wide variety of words and the structure of written language’ (Five from Five.org.au) is one of the 5 Keys to Reading. When we compare the types of words in say, Eric… Continue Reading >

The impact of ‘Reading Aloud’ to children

 from a teacher’s perspective  Written by Jennifer Rennie for Reading Out of Poverty Foundation.   ‘Reading Aloud’ is the road to being literate, construction of language for a child begins from a very early age and exposure is key. Children… Continue Reading >

10 Words You Must Know To Speak Like A Local

 Whilst English is a complicated language, currently made up of over 200,000 words, there are multiple occasions every day when an English word just isn’t enough to convey an emotion. Language learning app Babbel has uncovered the top ten words from other languages that you didn’t… Continue Reading >

School Readiness and what you need to know.

The decision about when your child should start school can be a hard one to make. Many people think that being school ready means that your child must know how to read and write but these skills are often secondary… Continue Reading >