Teenagers and Drugs

What is the difference between firm boundaries and controlling, in the context of disciplining teenagers for drug use? Controlling in this instance is dictating and supervising their every move.  A firm boundary, on the other hand, is used to control… Continue Reading >

Is your child being bullied? Here are 5 ways you can help.

In today’s society bullying has become a common part of childhood. In countries throughout the world national surveys indicate that the majority of children and teenagers have experienced some form of bullying in the past 12 months. One in four… Continue Reading >


Definition of Adventurous: adjective willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences. involving new ideas or methods. full of excitement As parents of teenagers living in a world where they are attached to their devices,… Continue Reading >

Teenagers: less processed foods, more nutritious meals!

As children hit puberty, their eating habits tend to change rapidly – and the parents tend to start freaking out in response. Are they eating too much? Or not enough? And is the stuff they’re picking any good for the… Continue Reading >