Back to School – how much should your child’s backpack weigh?

There has been lots of controversy over how much your child’s backpack is going to weigh. How much does your child’s schoolbag weigh? It is suggested that a child’s schoolbag irrespective of their age their schoolbag should weigh about 10%… Continue Reading >

A later start to the year!

By Krissy Regan The Wellness Poet   The holidays feel so rushed at times and extraordinarily long at others. Before I had children of school age, the school holidays meant nothing to me as a working professional, with disposable income…. Continue Reading >

Back to school tips!

The dreaded back to school is just around the corner! How are you going to cope? What are you going to do to make this year different? Organise, take advantage of sales and priories those lunchboxes!   Yearly organisation!  Use… Continue Reading >

Image safety is paramount when going back to school

Starting school for the first time, or making the transition to ‘big school’, can be an exciting time for child and parent alike. It’s only natural to want to document the occasion and share the photos online to express just… Continue Reading >

Starting School

When parents are preparing their children to start school for the very first time, there are a few areas that parents can address to ensure: 1. That the children feel comfortable with a set of life skills which will allow… Continue Reading >

Back to School Guide – Checklist for all Stages

Starting big school is exciting and a huge milestone in a kid’s life, and also for the parents. Some things that might be different are a bigger school, having to wear a school uniform, new teachers, new kids, and not… Continue Reading >

School Homework Tips for Parents

With the benefits of homework established, especially for senior students, the skill set of an independent learner is one that parents can help their children begin to develop from a young age, through the routine of study and homework. Although… Continue Reading >

Budget mum blogger shares her tips for heading back to school in 2022

By Madonna Bechaz – @the.other.madonna   With the end of the year just around the corner, Christmas will fly by and soon enough we’ll have to think about getting ready for a new school year. It. Never. Ends! For kids… Continue Reading >


The holidays are finishing and the kids are all “bored”… it’s time to go back to school! Some of us cry ‘yippee!’ while others are sad to get back into the routine of the daily grind (packing lunches, drop-offs/pick-ups and… Continue Reading >

Off to a Great Start – Helping Autistic Children to Have a Successful Start to the Year

New year & new routines: Tips for transitioning children who need structure Preparing autistic children for a successful start to the new school year can feel daunting for parents. Whether starting school for the first time, moving to a new… Continue Reading >