Cat napping

Cat napping is something that frustrates many mums. A catnap is a short nap, anything from 20-40 minutes. For babies, under 3-4 months of age, a cat nap can be a normal phenomenon. Until they are 4 months old babies… Continue Reading >

What You Need to Know about Interpreting Dreams, What They’re Telling You | Rose Inserra | Ep 186

  Dreams have meaning and can hold symbolic and sometimes hidden cryptic messages for us. As we’ve all experienced, some of our dreams can be explained, and others can’t. Some of our dreams we can remember, others not so much…. Continue Reading >

Handling “Those Looks” When You Have Fussy Kids at Christmas Gatherings

As a parent with a fussy eater, you have no doubt been served up your fair share of common-wisdom-but-oh-so-wrong advice when it comes to managing your child’s fussy eating behaviour. And as I have written about here for Kiddipedia previously,… Continue Reading >

Helping parents being a couple through this challenging time

During this challenging time, we are feeling the stress as an individual, the stress as an employee or an employer, the stress as a parent and even the stress in our relationship with our partner. For many of us our… Continue Reading >

Talking to our children about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As an adult the topic of COVID 19 or as we all know it as Coronavirus or Corona for short is everywhere, it is all we are talking about, reading about, seeing memes about and focusing on. There are fears… Continue Reading >

How to stop twins and multiples biting each other!

Before I start, let me preface this with it’s not just twins and multiples that bite!!  It’s a stage that a lot of toddlers seem to go through.  But for a lot of multiple birth parents, it’s extremely frustrating when… Continue Reading >

High Energy Diet for Kids

By Sarah Smith, Bayside Dietetics Twitter #BaysideDietetic FB Bayside Dietetics Instagram @baysidedietetics   As a new dietitian, I remember talking to a family about a high energy diet for their child. Actually, I don’t, but I do remember what… Continue Reading >

Setting up a Nursery for Twins and Multiples

  Congratulations!  Not only are you expecting a baby – you are expecting more than one baby!!! It is perfectly normal to take a while to get over the shock of finding out you are expecting twins or multiples.  Before… Continue Reading >