Tips to Look After Your Mental Health as a New Mum or Parent | Dr Harvey Karp | Ep 180

  Undoubtedly, being a parent is the most honourable, righteous and wonderful role known to women or man. One that is filled with selfless sacrifices yet an undeniable, unconditional love that no words could ever describe. For that reason, it’s… Continue Reading >

How to Raise a Mentally Fit Generation | Kari Sutton| Ep 172

  Every generation hopes the legacy we leave our children, and the state the world they are left to live in, is one that is bigger and better than what we lived in before. We aspire to provide due diligence… Continue Reading >

Your Child’s Future is Built on the Foundations You Help Them Build Today

by Dr. Scott Zarcinas My youngest daughter recently played her first game of soccer for her high school. Surprisingly, she wanted to play goalkeeper, the position nobody else in the team wanted to play. As the last line of defence,… Continue Reading >

The Top Ten Benefits of a Holiday on your Mental Health According to Dr Tim Sharp (Dr Happy)

Inspired by fun, relaxation and discovery, new research* has revealed what many  Aussies have long suspected; we feel like different people when on holiday. In fact, two thirds of  Australians (64%) and three quarters of parents (74%) say they prefer… Continue Reading >

You cannot pour from an empty cup

What can happen if you don’t listen to your body? If you are the sort of person who always puts themselves last on their list of priorities, there may come a time when your body will literally force you to… Continue Reading >

5 Tips to Look after your Own Mental Health as a New Mum or Parent

By Dr Harvey Karp   Once Baby arrives, it’s easy to put all your focus on your new tiny bundle. After all, they require a lot of care! But in looking after their little ones, so many mums and dads… Continue Reading >

Raising a Mentally Fit Generation

The nature of children’s health around the world is chang­ing. There is now a ‘new morbidity’ occurring, with obesity, mental health conditions, self-harm and suicide taking centre stage. Having worked as a teacher and guidance counsellor for the past 25… Continue Reading >

Impacts of COVID on Children’s Mental Health | Chanel Nesci | Ep 143

  The start of the 2021 school year was unlike any other our children have ever experienced. Challenging events throughout 2020, including COVID, meant children were carrying much more than the contents of their school bags on their shoulders as… Continue Reading >

Do your Thing, setting up your own side hustle

2020 saw everyone’s life change, some people found themselves unemployed or working from home, there was home schooling, routines were upended and our general outlook on life changed.  All these factors took a toll on our mental health and wellbeing…. Continue Reading >

Why wellness is more than weight-loss. Why The Body Coach wants you to focus on your mind and mental health

The past year has been a real emotional rollercoaster. It’s challenged us all and tested our resilience in ways we have never experienced before. I don’t know about you, but for me personally it’s definitely affected my mental health, my… Continue Reading >