For over 185 years, Galt Toys have inspired learning through play. Designed to be fun, colourful and imaginative, Galt supports all areas of a child’s development. From a newborn reaching out to explore the textures and sounds, to the aspiring scientist conducting their very first experiments. Galt Toys grow with your child.

Fun Easter Activities for Kids

Easter is here and there are a lot of ways to be excited about since it showcases a lot of light and bright colors plus anything that gets to do with eggs and bunnies. Our kids really enjoy getting into… Continue Reading >

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Children that Won’t Cost the Earth

Written by Alice Zsembery   Christmas is barrelling towards us and, whilst you may find yourself saying that there is nothing that the kids NEED this year, inevitably, somehow you also end up finding yourself wandering around the toy stores… Continue Reading >

Tips for raising a left handed child

There are many theories on why children turn out to be left handed, even if both parents are not. Some say it’s because of ‘genes’ and genetic factors, others say its ‘gender’ as slightly more boys are left handed whilst… Continue Reading >