Fussy Eaters and how a dietitian can help

Authors: Stella Boyd-Ford and Emily Easman   Mealtimes can often be stressful for some parents and when a child refuses food or demands alternative meals, parents may become frustrated or concerned that their child is not eating enough. When children… Continue Reading >

How to tackle fussy eaters

Tips from Oliver’s Dietitian Natalie Sharpe There is always a certain period where kids can tend to be fussy when it comes to eating. No matter where you go or the different cuisines you try, it can be challenging to… Continue Reading >

How To Support Fussy Eaters 

Fussy eating habits are one of the most common food-related issues among children and can often be quite stressful for parents and caregivers to deal with. While changes in a child’s eating habits and preferences are normal, fussy eating can… Continue Reading >

Help your kids fight the fuzzies with super-foods that aid concentration

For growing kids, the ability to concentrate is closely linked to diet. What they consume throughout their day plays a crucial role in how well they can harness their mental energy to master new skills, retain information and stay engaged… Continue Reading >

5 Tips to Feeding Fussy Eaters at Christmas

It can be challenging to feed fussy eaters at family gatherings. Comments from well-intentioned family members may trigger your anxiety and stress: “is Chloe still on crackers?” If you are thinking about how to tackle this festive season for the… Continue Reading >

Do’s and don’t for the grandparents of Fussy Eaters

Hands up if you think feeding grandchildren is a bit of a minefield! Do you agree with your daughter-in-law’s choice of foods? Are you happy to be told what to serve? Believe it or not, parents also can find it… Continue Reading >

How to get a handle on fussy eating, literally

By Children’s Nutritionist Simone Emery   My youngest daughter is in love with the word literally. She sneaks it into nearly all her sentences (and mostly incorrectly.) Yet, in this article, I am LITERALLY going to be talking about the… Continue Reading >

Goldilocks the “fussy” eater

A little girl named Goldilocks went for a walk. She came across three plates of food. The first looked like this:     It didn’t look easy. It didn’t look nice. It made her feel bored and didn’t entice. You… Continue Reading >

Fun Foods for Fussy Eaters

Most children go through a stage in their lives where they become fussy eaters. This often happens when the children’s growth has slowed down and they do not need to eat as much as they did previously. My eldest had… Continue Reading >