The Ultimate Baby Bag Checklist/ Essentials for Every Adventure

Congratulations, soon-to-be mummas, dads, and even those fabulous grandparents! As you prepare to embrace the wonderful world of parenthood, it’s important to be equipped with the knowledge and essentials to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience while venturing out with… Continue Reading >

Drowning and Water Safety

The horrifying tragedy behind drowning is that it is preventable, but more importantly, it isn’t just the pool or beach that can cause havoc it is other things around our home that are apart of our everyday activities such as… Continue Reading >

Your essential family first aid kit checklist

Band-aids… bandages… antiseptic cream… these are the items that we tend to think about when we are putting a first aid kit together. But first aid kits are so much more than that – and being prepared for every situation… Continue Reading >

Parentmedic First Aid Travel Tips

  Be prepared We know the list just gets longer and longer but more importantly than throwing in the 20th toy or teddy, is to think about any first aid items and products that you may need while you’re away…. Continue Reading >

CPR Kids and Cubcare have launched a free ‘Choking first aid guide’

“When it comes to choking, prevention is always better than cure. We can’t and shouldn’t wrap our kids up in cotton wool either – otherwise we would still be feeding our teens puree! Choking accidents do happen, and it is… Continue Reading >

We are talking about snakes!

Those slippery little suckers that make most of us squirm! As the weather starts warming up we find more and more reports of snakes popping their heads out and potentially biting a loved one. So when we are talking about… Continue Reading >

Your child is bitten by a snake… what do you do?

Bleeding Headache Numbness Fast heart rate Difficulty breathing Paralysis DO It is vital to be calm and to keep your child as calm as possible, in order to slow the spread of venom. Retreat to a safe distance away from… Continue Reading >

Kidsafe Victoria warns hot water burns like fire

Every week, over 19 children are treated at a specialist burns unit across Australia and New Zealand Kidsafe, in partnership with the Australian & New Zealand Burn Association (ANZBA), is urging parents and carers to be extra vigilant this winter… Continue Reading >

Protect your family this National Burns Awareness Month

Every week, 17 children are treated at a specialist burns unit across Australia and New Zealand Kidsafe Australia is urging parents and carers to take action to prevent burns in the home as winter hits and ensure they are aware… Continue Reading >

Preventing Burns and Scalds this National Burns Awareness Month

Nearly twenty-five years ago in the small coastal town of Port Fairy, eight-year-old Shennel was happily playing in her room when a candle that was on her dressing table caused her t-shirt to catch fire. Scared and panicked, she ran… Continue Reading >