Stopping domestic violence starts in early childhood

Violence against women is preventable because we know that the cycle of violence starts with disrespect. Violence stems from sexist attitudes and disrespect of women and girls such as: that women and girls aren’t as good as men and boys, don’t deserve… Continue Reading >

Consent Education Needs to Start Early | Kari Sutton | Ep 155

  Consent has most certainly been the hot of 2021 so far. If you’re a parent who would like helpful tips on how to talk with your children about consent, you’re in the right place Today we aim to help you… Continue Reading >

Consent education needs to start early

Consent is an important concept that has been widely used in the both mainstream and social media in the past month. It is an idea that children can learn as early as preschool — the belief that we should respect… Continue Reading >

Surviving Mother’s Day without your mum

Surviving Mother’s Day when you no longer have your mum can be one of life’s toughest experiences. What was once a beautiful day for togetherness and celebration often becomes the very opposite: no public display of love, cards and flowers…. Continue Reading >

Early Years Support Guide

Rainbow Families Early Years Support Guide is the result of collaboration between Rainbow Families and writer, Jacqui Tomlins.  The Guide has been developed in response to ongoing requests for information from parents and caregivers and is part of Rainbow Families’… Continue Reading >

How to Get Christmas Sorted Early, Stress-Free!

  Christmas is fast approaching! Known worldwide as the time for warm, fuzzy feelings and time spent together, it can also be extremely stressful in the lead-up to pull it all together!   If the thought of juggling a long… Continue Reading >