The 7 benefits of getting your children to eat salmon this Easter long weekend By Susie Burrell

At Easter, it’s traditional to forego red meat on Good Friday and opt for fish such as salmon instead. While some members of your family may love salmon, for others (especially young children) it can be a hard sell! But… Continue Reading >

Supporting Brain Development in your Baby

Congratulations! Suddenly, you have a tiny vulnerable human who is completely reliant on you. You have been given advice on when they should sleep, how to keep them clean and healthy, how you change their nappy and why you need… Continue Reading >

How to Improve Your Child’s Sleep 

by Elina Winnel, Emma Sleep Ambassador   Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial to young children’s brain development, and also helps to regulate things such as their behaviour and their ability to fight off illness. A healthy, well-rested… Continue Reading >

How nutrition impacts mother & baby during the first 1000 days

Media kindly brought to you by Growth Spectrum   We’ve all heard about the importance of women ‘eating right’ while pregnant and even prior to conception, to give their child the healthiest possible start to life. It’s what all expectant… Continue Reading >

Did You Know Babies Learn From Birth? | Simone Myskiw | Ep 115

Did you know that over 90% of a child’s brain develops by aged 5? Incredibly, it doubles in size in the first year, keeps growing to about 80 percent of adult size by age three and 90 percent by age five…. Continue Reading >

GymbaROO-KindyROO Nurtures Brains – Parents in Partnership

Dr Tessa Grigg (PhD)   Parents do the very best they can with the information and resources that they have to raise healthy happy children. With increased education and information there is a higher chance that the outcomes can be… Continue Reading >

You’re concerned about your baby’s head shape – what’s next?

By Rebecca Micallef Having a baby is one of life’s most amazing gifts but it can also be a very stressful time to navigate. Many parents often have questions about the shape of their baby’s heads, and whether the head… Continue Reading >

The Importance of Play for Children

Children love to play, it’s in their nature.  For children, play is a fun and safe way to explore the world around them. It’s also a way to make friends and form bonds with adults.  Children can learn many things… Continue Reading >

Getting ready for school

Dr Jane Williams and Dr Tessa Grigg   The readiness of any child for pre-school and school must be considered on an individual basis. The most important aspect to consider is to think about how your child is developing, more… Continue Reading >

Making the Most of the Holiday Season

Dr Jane Williams and Dr Tessa Grigg   ‘ ‘Tis the season to be jolly’, or so the carol goes, but for many parents the holidays present additional stress. This article looks at why it is important to engage your… Continue Reading >