Are “Online” friends, “Real’ friends?

“Hey Dad!!”, Master 14 begins as he bursts through the door which joins our kids retreat to out lounge room.  “Vertex and Straw just helped me get Platinum Support.  We capped two points with 4 and a half minutes left… Continue Reading >

What to expect at baby swimming lessons

By Mark Collins, CEO of JUMP! Swim Schools   If you’re planning to or thinking about introducing your baby to swimming lessons from an early age (3 months+), the experience is much different to starting a child at an older… Continue Reading >

The Importance of Dads

Dads are often left out of the pregnancy care and early parenting because they don’t carry the baby and because they often have to go back to work in the early weeks after the birth.  But Dads are so very… Continue Reading >

Tips for spending one on one time with your newborn twins or triplets

Having twins or triplets will bring so many different emotions into your life, some you have probably never felt before. It is such an exciting, stressful and full on time in your life. You have to double or triple EVERYTHING… Continue Reading >

3 Ways To Bond With Your Unborn Baby Using Sound

‘Shhhhhhh… Shhhhhhh…” Have you ever held a crying or grumbling baby or child in your arms and uttered these comforting tones? On countless occasions, no doubt. But have you ever stopped to think about why you so naturally use these… Continue Reading >