Travel is an adventure, regardless of the reason for it. When it involves kids, however, there can be a few bumps along the road. Yet, in Sydney, with the right preparation, you can make the experience an unforgettable one for the whole family.

Plan in Advance

Planning makes perfect, and this is never more applicable than when you’re traveling. So, come up with a checklist of pertinent questions. How do you intend to get around Sydney? It’s a sprawling city, yet the public transportation system can be hit or miss. You could rent a car, as some areas are not readily accessible by bus or metro. However, consider a few trips via ferry at the least, as it is liable to thrill the little ones. Bring plenty of sunscreen, pain relievers, hats, insect repellent, anti-nausea medication, and the like. Positive diversions can also be indispensable; having toys or a few offline apps downloaded onto a tablet can offer relief when nothing else seems able to calm the kids. Restless children can often be stressed children, and that alone can be a major dampener during a family trip.

Have Snacks

Like any big city, it’s fun to eat out in Sydney, but that can get expensive. While there can be places to dine on the cheap, look for local deals and offers. Cooking for the family during a trip may not sound like heaps of fun, but it’s something that could be turned into a picture-perfect picnic. Even if you decide to rely on dining out, have plenty of snacks at your disposal throughout your trip. These should be as healthy as can be, although consider some sugary indulgences as special treats. Focus on mess-free snacks such as bananas and apples in lieu of yogurt and berries. You could even add a dip to make veggies and fruits a bit more appealing, such as salsa or peanut butter. Making healthy foods delicious can take some experimentation on the road, but it can be worthwhile.

Get Everyone Excited

Having the right activities planned can be a great way to keep your little ones content. It keeps them focused on what’s to come, and that can alleviate any travel-related stress. When it comes to Sydney, there’s a lot of variety. Summer is the time for festivals, from the Great Ferry Race to a month-long art celebration. You could take the kids on guided tours of famous sights like the Opera House, or bring them to the iconic Bondi Beach. Do they love nature? Well, you might be surprised by how connected to it your family could be. Sydney is blessed with aquariums, zoos, and wildlife sanctuaries. You could get active by taking the family on a bike tour or explore the many parks Sydney has to offer. Connecting your little one’s passions to their travels can make the memories you make as a family all the sweeter and enduring.

Protect Your Castle

Finally, you want to feel safe in the knowledge that your home is secure, and in the same condition you left it in. If you feel comfortable, you could ask a neighbor or a friend to consider popping in to check up on the house and make sure that any plants or pets are looked after. When it comes to security, do a thorough survey of your entire home. Lock all doors and windows, and consider investing in home security cameras. If you have any outdoor furniture, store it away. Make sure electronics are shut down, but consider maintaining some pretense that your home is still occupied. This could be as simple as a neighbor switching a light on, but you could use timers to do it yourself. Above all, avoid talking about your plans, as this might be exploited by those with questionable intentions.


Sydney can be full of wonder, a place where children of any age can feel welcomed and have safe fun. So, take some precautions with your home, plan extensively, and get your little ones excited. Above all else, try to make this trip a special one.

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