Red Nose is Australia’s leading authority on safe sleep and safe pregnancy, and bereavement support for families affected by the death of a child.

Founded in 1997, Red Nose Australia are the leading Safe Sleep Experts. We have more than 40 years’ experience providing evidence-based advice for parents, carers and health professionals.

Follow our six safe sleeping recommendations to sleep your baby safely:

  1. Sleep baby on back
  2. Keep head and face uncovered
  3. Keep baby smoke free before and after birth
  4. Have a safe sleeping environment at all times (safe cot, mattress and bedding)
  5. Sleep baby in safe cot in parents’ room for the first 12 months
  6. Breastfeed baby if possible

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Did you know? Our Advice Hub has a range of resources developed by our experts in pregnancy and infant safety. Topics include tummy time, safe wrapping, safe sleeping, cot to bed safety for toddlers, and safe pregnancy advice for expectant mums.