By Rachel Favilla


This is an article to share with your kiddlets! Read it with expression and be Mother Nature’s Voice. Poems are a whimsical way to engage children of all ages and get them feeling hopeful and enthusiastic about our compassionate fight for the climate plight.


Dear Children,

It’s Mother Nature here, writing to you amidst your mounting climate fear.

I’ll admit that I myself have concerns,

for my children, waterways, oaks and ferns.

There are moments when I feel fatigued and teary.

My skies look as dreary as my oceans do weary.

The land I mourn makes me feel forlorn.

I long to be re-planted and re-born.

I feel sick and tired,

Stressed out and wired.

Over-mined and over-farmed.

This ethical pickle has me alarmed.

It hurts to be cut down in my prime.

Deforested within a short space of time.

As I burn with fires, so too do climate change deniers.

As I spill and flood, I collect actual blood.

And yet, I am filled with hope.

For I know that every problem has a solution,

A massive one is simply down-sizing pollution.

Investing in solar and the likes.

Relying less on cars and more on bikes.

Boycotting plastic and toting metal straws.

Humanity aligning for an environmental cause.

If you consider one life too small to make a dent,

Then you’ve never been left alone with a mosquito in a tent.

Inspiring posts like this one can go more viral that COVID-19.

Tomorrow’s life-saving ideas can brew in the brains of teens.

Leading by example need never be underestimated.

The defeatist mentality is most definitely outdated.

I believe in you my children, you can crack this code.

And relieve my mind-boggling mental load.

Yours in Optimistic Faith,

Mother Nature.


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