Do you have trouble losing weight? Or can’t seem to drop those last few kilos? There are so many theories about weight loss such as intermittent fasting, HIIT training, avoiding fruit and sugar in general, running excessively and the list goes on and on.

If you’re a parent this can be even more difficult as we tend to put our children’s needs before our own. Truth is, we are all different and finding what works for you, something you know is achievable and maintainable, is key.

We’ve put together a few tips that we believe will help maximize your workout, and that are achievable no mater what.

Find something you enjoy

If you’re someone who doesn’t love working out, then don’t think of it like a chore, do something you love, something you’ll look forward to, and for time-poor adults that could be team sports or something you view as a hobby. 12RND Fitness incorporate boxing into their high intensity, full body workout where the coach emphasises skill development so that the results become and additional benefit to the enjoyment of learning to box. Each workout offers 12, 3 minute rounds with a 30 second rest between each, designed to mimic the physical demands of a 12 round championship boxing fight, but without ever getting hit, or ever stepping into a ring. It is also important to have variety, so you don’t get bored and begin to dread working out, which is why the 12RND team also switch things up every single day with a new workout daily.

Find time

Being a parent, we often think we don’t have time to workout, however like it or not, this is an excuse. We all have time to work out, it’s just about finding that time. If you have to wake up 45 minutes earlier then do so, your health is just as important as your childs, and finding the time to workout won’t only put you in a better mood but also help you achieve your goals. 12RND Fitness offer ‘no fixed times’, meaning you can show up at any time and do a full workout as they work in rounds, and you can jump in whenever you want.

Set challenges each workout

A realistic goal-setting strategy is a great way to stay on track and setting challenges each workout will get you to the next level of fitness you’ve always wanted to reach. An easy way to do this is to use a heart rate monitor that can track the intensity of your workout and how many calories you’ve burned in a session. Within the 12 rounds of the 12RND workout, you’ll find round challenges that are integrated with their Myzone heart rate technology with a recommended Heart Rate zone that you should aim for, in those 3 minutes. They also set longer duration challenges such as a goal to burn 2000 calories for the week. Having a combination of short and long term goals will keep you motivated during your workout, as well as over time.

Healthy fats

A lot of us tend to steer away from fats when losing weight, however did you know that healthy fats such as nuts, avocado, seeds and olive oil are actually key in losing weight? Incorporating one kind of healthy fat into each meal will help keep you fuller for longer and reduce sugar cravings. Limiting your saturated fat intake can still improve health, it’s important to replace it with good fat. To put it simply, don’t go no fat, go good fat.


Sleep is one of the most important aspects of weight loss, think of it like nutrition for the brain. Without a good night’s sleep, we tend to make bad decisions and we find it difficult to be alert. When we are overtired we also tend to crave unhealthy food and our willpower goes out the window. Rest is also detrimental to overall results because it provides our body with time to repair and restore. Ensuring you have sufficient sleep each night can actually enhance your progress and help to achieve your goals faster.


About 12RND Fitness

12RND Fitness is co-founded by 4x world champion boxer Danny Green, and Australian entrepreneur and exercise scientist Tim West, and they have over 90 clubs and over 14,000 members globally.


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