Flying with food allergies is often the subject of media attention. And along with that, also the subject of a lot of confusion and anxiety for allergy families.

I am going to share my top tips for flying with food allergies. Use these to help plan your next amazing family holiday; knowing you will have done everything to ensure your allergy child’s safety.


Contact the airline ahead

Every airline has different policies and protocols for dealing with passengers with allergies. So get in touch and find out. It may be worth doing this before you even book the flights, in case you decide the airline you thought you wanted to fly with, is actually not the best at dealing with your child’s allergies.

Be sure to ask about the food they serve, safe options, bringing your own food on board, and what precautions they take with other passengers and staff in order to ensure your child’s safety whilst flying.


Visit the Doctor and the Pharmacy

Ensure that before you fly, you have a doctor’s letter outlining the allergies, medical conditions and medications the child requires. Having this letter will help with passing security also if you are carrying EpiPens onboard.

Make sure that everything you need is onboard the plane with you, both in case of an emergency, but also in case your luggage is misplaced.


Make contact with staff

When you arrive to check in, and then again when you board the plane, make sure you make direct contact with staff to notify them of your child’s allergies and requirements for safety.

Never assume the information has passed from one person to the next properly. Staff are busy, and in order to ensure no errors are made, be bold about speaking up and reminding them.


Be prepared for an emergency

An emergency whilst flying is not something any of us allergy parents want to consider, but do think about it. Ensure you have all emergency meds with you, and speak up quickly if there is a problem. There is generally a doctor on board who can assist you, and airline staff are well trained to respond in these kinds of situations.


A quick list of what to take

  • Doctor’s letter
  • Emergency meds
  • Safe food
  • Baby wipes/ safe soap for helping with reducing cross-contamination


Flying on holidays is such a fun experience for families. And allergy families need not miss out. With forwarding planning, and a few extra bits and pieces in your carry-on luggage, you can be prepared for an allergy emergency and safely jet set off to an amazing trip away.


Where will you be heading next?


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