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How to Save on Back to School Costs

It’s that time of the year again. As a new school year looms closer, as does the crippling fear of spending a fortune on brand new supplies that your child supposedly has to have. Follow these golden rules, so both… Continue Reading >

Learning Music during this Summer Holiday

Summer, Music, Relaxation and Time to yourself? All sounds great doesn’t it, it’s that time again. Pop on your favourite music, go find that cool place and take some time out on this stressful day. I’m a mother and really… Continue Reading >

Tips for Getting Kids Back into the School Routine

As the new school year approaches, it can be challenging for parents and children to adjust to the school routine after a summer of relaxation and fun. However, there are a few simple tips that can help ease the transition… Continue Reading >

Fun Ways to Keep Children Learning During School Holidays

Understandably, it can be difficult for children to remain motivated and engaged with their learning while on holidays. After all, they’ve just spent the past two or three months reading, writing, counting and problem-solving, so it’s only fair that they’re… Continue Reading >

Homeschooling Tips and Tricks

Homeschooling can be very rewarding in which you can teach children and teens one on one. You get to actually focus on that child or teen and help them. Sometimes you may have a few children to home school and… Continue Reading >

Having trouble motivating your child to finish their homework? Practical tips for parents.

We all want our children to develop healthy habits and succeed, and we also want to make our life as parents’ smoother. So, when it comes to being able to successfully motivate our children to complete their homework it’s a… Continue Reading >

Back to school tips in 2021

Whether it is the first day at primary school, high school or changing schools when moving to a new house – the first day of school is usually stressful for both parents and children. New places and new experiences sound… Continue Reading >

Games Children Can Play to Stimulate Their Mind

These are some games children can play to stimulate their mind. Boardgames really help with cognitive development. There are many types of boardgames children can play such as Monopoly, this teaches children about money, earning a living and buying and… Continue Reading >

STEM – What is it? And how can I incorporate it at home?

Welcome back to another blog post. This week we are looking at this new concept of STEM. “What is that?” I heard you say. Well, believe it or not, you wouldn’t be alone in asking this question. To put it… Continue Reading >

How Can I Help My Child Retain Information?

 Being able to retain information is essential to school and exam success.  Here are the strategies that worked best for my son when he was studying for the HSC in 2018.   Sleep, exercise, and nutrition Getting adequate sleep is… Continue Reading >

How to Prepare for The Start Of The School Year?

  As a mum, I understand the struggle of preparing for the new year. Every single year, with every single child, it just doesn’t seem to get easier. I have been through it all and today I am bringing you… Continue Reading >

Tips to get Children Excited about Reading

As a teacher I love books. In fact, I love them so much that you could easily mistake me for a Mum who lines up at Aldi each January when the book sale is on and fights her way through… Continue Reading >

Tips how to strengthen children’s spelling

I haven’t been mentoring for around for a half year, however, I have increased much involvement from the steady advancement of the understudy’s mind in the gaining systems to retain the spelling of different words. I have attempted cheat sheets… Continue Reading >

What are the benefits of having a home based tutor?

National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is a series of tests focused on basic skills that are administered annually to Australian students. NAPLAN is an annual assessment, run at the direction of the Education Council, for all students in… Continue Reading >

Homework Tips to Keep Children Inspired

My 4 year old loves anything to do with numbers and the alphabet at the moment. As a Mum I’m constantly looking for new ways that I can incorporate new learning experiences for him. One thing that I have found… Continue Reading >

Preparing for Preschool Math

A delightful aspect of parenting a young child is sharing in their enthusiasm and curiosity of the world. Harnessing this natural desire to learn can sound challenging as a parent, but it needn’t be a daunting task. Activities that engage children… Continue Reading >



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