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Trish Corbett

Trish Corbett

Trish is the author of ‘How To Raise Kids With Integrity – for Parents, Child Care Educators & Teachers’ and the founder of Ethical Foundations – helping you raise kids with integrity.

Trish believes, to build ethical foundations in our communities we need to start with the children. The main role models in a child’s life are their parents, childcare educators and teachers who have a common, united purpose in guiding our leaders of tomorrow. By working together and having a collective understanding of what is essential in raising confident, resilient, self-aware children they are more likely to grow into morally responsible adults who have the capabilities and integrity that society will benefit from as a whole.

In her book Trish talks about the 9-PAC which are the 9 main Parenting – and Personal - Awareness Components that are important to be mindful of we help our children in their development. The reason personal was mentioned is because you cannot raise kids with integrity without role modelling it to them yourself.

Trish shares the fundamentals of what is important to raise kids with integrity and what she wishes she knew as a young parent and role model.

Building ethical foundations seemed like an appropriate name for her business as it is based on helping parents raise children with integrity. This is so that as they grow and develop, children develop a sense of integrity and live their life authentically, know who they are and who they want to be. Also, as children are our teachers, ethical foundations help support parents to do the same so we can all be the best version of ourselves.

Disclaimer (in jest but also true): This doesn’t mean there won’t be hard times ahead. This doesn’t mean you will like all the decisions they make. This doesn’t mean it is easy even though it is simple in its complexity. But it does mean that it will be worthwhile and easy in the long run.

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