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Jane Kilkenny

Jane Kilkenny

Health and Fitness Expert

• • Over 25 Years in Health and Fitness
• • High Performance Expert
• • Children’s Fitness Expert
• • Elite Junior Coach
• • IAAF Level 4 Coach
• • Ultra Marathon Runner
• • Successful Business Owner

Jane has been working in health and fitness for over 25 years. She has a wealth of experience in supporting people on their health and fitness journey. She has been a pioneer in kids fitness, specialising in this field since 2003. “Kids are not mini adults, and have very specific fitness needs in relation to their physiology and development. It’s crucial that parents receive the right information from experienced professionals in this area.”

Jane is also a passionate runner and coach, having competed in events ranging from 5km to ultramarathons! Her favourite aspect of coaching is supporting athletes and watching their confidence grow, taking them beyond their own expectations in performance.



New Mums Get Back to Fitness

By: Jane Kilkenny Having a baby is one of the most exciting and exhausting times in your life. The birth of your baby can trigger the full range of human emotions, from absolute exhilaration and excitement to the deepest levels… Continue Reading >

The True Spirit of Christmas – Have Fun with the Kids

By: Jane Kilkenny There’s a reason it’s called the “Silly Season” and it’s not about crazy schedules and non-stop shopping. The Christmas holidays should be a time when families can get back to basics and have some fun together.  The… Continue Reading >

Top 3 Activities for Pre-schoolers

By: Jane Kilkenny   The most important things in life for your child are movement and fun!  Being active, playing games and getting outdoors are crucial for their healthy development, both physically, cognitively and emotionally. Strong bones and muscles, a… Continue Reading >


By Jane Kilkenny   Humans are designed to move and it’s starts before we are even born into this world.  Those first flutters that a woman feels when she is pregnant confirm the very existence of that growing baby. From… Continue Reading >

Fundamental Movement Skills Essential for Growth

By: Jane Kilkenny   Raising happy and healthy kids is the number priority for parents.  Movement plays an essential part in childhood development, but not just physical development, it’s also crucial for cognitive, neurological, emotional and social development. In the… Continue Reading >

Surviving and Thriving During Lockdowns

Life is full of challenges right now.  We are still living in a state of uncertainty which is creating significant issues for parents and children, both physically and mentally. Maintaining a happy and healthy family environment is difficult at the… Continue Reading >

Stay Active to Boost Immunity

By Jane Kilkenny   During the current uncertainty surrounding CoVID-19 it is essential that we focus on our health and wellbeing,  Staying active will boost our immune system, keep us fit and also help to reduce stress and anxiety. Despite… Continue Reading >

The Joy of Movement

By: Jane Kilkenny That first kick that a woman feels during pregnancy is our earliest sign of the importance of movement.  That feeling is so special, it’s the first real physical indication that we have another little human growing inside. … Continue Reading >

Back in the Playground!

By: Jane Kilkenny   We are finally seeing playgrounds around Australia re-open after being closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, it’s time to celebrate.  Our playgrounds are not just fun spaces, they are important educational spaces as well and a vital… Continue Reading >

Calm in a Crisis

By: Jane Kilkenny   When we are subjected to an event that creates high levels of stress we can control the level of impact we sustain. Biologically our fight or flight response will kick in if there is imminent risk… Continue Reading >

Sporting Superheroes

By Jane Kilkenny Finding positive role models for our kids can be challenging.  Our traditional superheroes are fantasy characters that kids love to idolize.   Fantasy characters are an excellent way to encourage kids to use their imagination and have some… Continue Reading >

Ready for Sport

Sport is a fun and important part of the school curriculum.  Making sure kids have the right equipment can improve their enjoyment and keep them comfortable particularly in the hot months early in the school year.  So we have compiled… Continue Reading >

Fundamental Motor Skills for Kids

By Jane Kilkenny Motion and movement are essential for development in our kids.  Fundamental motor skills such as run, jump, skip, hop, throw and catch all need attention from an early age.  FMS all work together to develop physical literacy… Continue Reading >


By Jane Kilkenny   Early childhood development is a crucial time in our lives as parents.  Understandably we want what is best for our kids.  But we can often be confused by the myriad of information that is available, some… Continue Reading >



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